“The New Yorker” Defends George Soros Amid Continued Attacks

The issues of anti-semitism and the fight for democracy are seen as being close to the heart of hedge fund billionaire George Soros, who has faced continued attacks from conservative commentators who wish to blame Soros for many of the issues they do not agree with in modern day America. One such attack came from then Fox News broadcaster Glenn beck, who used an article in “The New Yorker” as the basis for an attack that prompted the magazine to respond detailing the inaccuracies on project-syndicate.org and lies that were told about Soros during the special programs produced by Beck.

The magazine argued the work of George Soros should be applauded for his battle to defeat the oppressive forces he lived under as a child and adolescent in his native Hungary. Born in 1930 in Hungary, the Soros family found themselves trapped in the country when it was occupied by Nazi forces; as members of the Jewish community the Soros family found themselves forced to hide their true faith and identities in a bid to avoid detection and being transported to concentration camps. Following World War II the threat of continued oppression on politico.com hung over the family living under communist rule, prompting George Soros to set out alone as a refugee seeking a new life initially in the U.K. and later in the U.S.

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Even the career success George Soros has achieved has been attacked by Glenn Beck and other conservative commentators, but the truth is that George Soros has reached the pinnacle of the financial markets through hard work, excellent research, and having an eye for a good deal. Reading the signs of the markets in London led Soros to gamble on the devaluation of the British Pound and make around $1 billion in a single day of hedge fund trading.

Liberal donors, such as George Soros, often see themselves subjected to blame for various aspects of the problems identified by conservative leaning commentators, but the facts do not stand up to any form of evaluation. “The New Yorker” details the good works done by Soros and his foundations in bringing democracy to various parts of the former Communist bloc in Eastern Europe; the success in bringing democracy to a difficult world should stand as a great achievement for the man who has become one of the most important figures in finance in the world.

Mike Baur is a brilliant business leader

The business world is constantly evolving, and it requires brilliant business minds to keep things moving forward. There are many smart entrepreneurs that are constantly looking to move society forward, but one of the brightest minds in the European business community is Mike Baur.


Mike Baur is a powerful Swiss businessman who has dedicated his life to finding new ways for businesses to grow and operate. He worked in the banking industry for 20 years and left his mark at several major firms including UBS and Clariden Leu. He loved working in the banking industry, but eventually he decided to dedicate his time and energy to another field. Baur started focusing on investing in start-up companies several years ago and has since founded his own start-up incubator.


Europe was in a tough spot economically, and Mike believed start-ups were necessary to pull the continent out of its funk. New and innovative ideas could boost economic growth and make Europe an economic powerhouse again. Mike wanted to find the newest and brightest ideas, and create a factory for these ideas to grow within, so he founded the Swiss Start-Up Factory.


The Swiss Start-Up Factory was founded in 2014 with the help of partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. The Start-Up Factory has proven to be a powerful force within the industry, mostly because they are an extremely innovative program. The factory offers a unique three-month incubation program. This program offers every resource that a start-up needs to grow over time. These resources include office space, supplies, advice, and access to powerful mentors. These resources would be invaluable in any setting, but they are especially valuable in Zurich. Zurich is often considered the business capital of Europe and there are numerous ways for powerful businesses to emerge in the city.


These powerful start-ups are already influencing the businesses community within Europe, but Swiss Start-Up Factory is not satisfied. They are constantly recruiting new companies to their project, so they can continue to influence the future.


Mike Baur is proud of his record as a businessman, but today he considers himself a mentor. Mike is helping the leaders of tomorrow prepare for the future , and influence the future of Europe’s business community.


CEO Darius Fisher Leads Expansion to Culver City, California

The crew at Status Labs knows firsthand that the power of digital PR management can be a game changer for a company in need of a boost. Status Labs is a PR management company out of Texas that is led by CEO Darius Fisher. Before Fisher took over as lead CEO for Status Labs the company had been in need of a reformation due largely in part to problems created by a former employee. Fisher guided the company toward reinventing their name and now Status Labs is one of the biggest reputation companies in the United States. With success palpable the decision to expand to Culver City, California makes a ton of sense.


Status Labs aims to be located in Culver City by tail end of October of 2016. The reason for this office expansion is pretty simple as CEO Fisher states, “The demand for our digital reputation solutions continues to grow in L.A.” Fisher went on to say, “No other firm has the digital reputation management capabilities, client experience, and connections that Status Labs does.” The decision to open up an office in California is particularly obvious when one looks at the entertainment industry as a whole. There will always be work needed for people who live their life in the public eye.


When Status Labs opens up their expansion they will be slotting in Spencer Blye as the Business Development Director. Blye has a long track record of success with internet based work as he had previously worked as a Strategest at a global communications firm, Weber Shandwick. CEO Darius Fisher was ecstatic to have Blye on board and Blye, for his part, returned that same excitement.


Status Labs has earmarked some pretty serious victories over the past year or so. Most recently the reputation company landed on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing List where many of the top up and coming businesses will end up landing.