Oncotarget Has Grown To Become a One-Stop Spot for All Medical Related Information and Solutions

Science has progressed over the years, and medical discoveries have continued to be made all over the world. It, therefore, becomes necessary to make this information readily available to the people. Oncotarget has relentlessly published free weekly medical journals online and in print after special requests. Their mission is to make available these medical discoveries to as many people as possible who require these results to fight diseases and ultimately achieve a life free of diseases.

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Oncotarget’s journals are insightful, timely, and are always reviewed by fellow researchers to ensure that only correct and useful information reach out to the people. This has made Oncotarget grow in popularity as well as mark an increase in the impact of their research. The firm has also grown from their initial mission of only researching on oncology to adopt other areas of research. Under the leadership of very experienced scientists, the researchers have outdone themselves to the point of winning awards, such as the Breakthrough Prize.

Effects of E-cigarettes

Oncotarget recently published an article on the effects of electronic cigarettes. A study led by Irfan Rahman and funded by the National Institute of Health showed that these cigarettes have adverse effects on gums and teeth similar to those manifested by conventional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have been on the rise among the youths since they are perceived to be healthier. Scientists also had the notion that chemicals found in smoke contained in conventional cigarettes were the cause of these effects until this study showed otherwise. E-cigarettes come with a battery, a heating device, and a liquid holding cartridge, which has nicotine, flavorings, and chemicals. Inflammatory proteins are released when e-cigarette vapors are burned. They, in turn, cause damage that can lead to oral infections. The damage is directly related to some e-cigarettes consumed.

More about Oncotarget

Oncotarget has been in existence since 2010. Under the able hands of their chief editors Mikhail Blagosklonny, who is an oncologist and a cancer researcher, and Andrei V. Gudkov, Oncotarget has expanded its publishing to other disciplines such as pathology, autophagy, and neurology among others. The Gordon Research Conference sponsors the journals, which are then published by Impact Journals. Read more about Oncotarget at Google Scholar.

Get a Makeover With Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

One of the activities that people often find themselves involved in is getting a makeover. There are many cases when people decide that they want to update their looks. When it comes to getting a makeover, many people think of those that are ambushed by someone who wants to bring in a better look for that person. However, there are many other ways to get make overs for the individual. When it comes to makeovers, Manaira Shopping by Roberto Santiago has all of the tools ready for a makeover. There are barbershops and companies that sell makeovers. There are also salons for people to go to. Visit mundodomarketing.com to read more.

With hair salons and other places, there are a lot of options that the customers have in order to take advantage of all of the possibilities they could use in order to make sure that one is getting the type of look that he wants. There are many different hairstyles that one can choose. An expert can also choose what he thinks will look good on the customer. However, the best way for one to get a makeover and gain confidence is if he himself decides on a look that he will enjoy and present to other people

Of course no makeover is complete without putting one’s wardrobe in consideration. Fortunately, there are tons of stores that offer great looking clothing for men and women. There are some of the great looking suits and other attire for men. However, there is something for those that want to break convention. There are a lot of stores that offer something for men that are outside of the norm. With the confidence that they have gained from a makeover, they can make it work for them.

One thing that could be said for Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is that it is a great place for people to go when they want to reinvent themselves. All they need is a little bit of creativity and a lot of imagination. Some people that have a sense of what will fit on them are going to have the best shot at making the right changes to their wardrobe. Read more on comunique-se.com.

The CEO that led InnovaCare Health to success

Health care is a topic in which trust and information are core to a good relationship between patients and institutions. InnovaCare Health fits in that category. They are an organization that is focused on providing services to health care across the United States through sustainable and cost-effective treatments.

For a company, no success comes without real leadership. InnovaCare does not only make its name through high-quality services and a well-trained staff but has a very talented CEO that has made the company what it is today. Rick Shinto is the man behind this great healthcare company being also the President of InnovaCare. Read more about Rick on Businesswire.

Having more than 20 years of experience in clinics with knowledge in operational healthcare, Shinto has been President of the company since 2008, leading it to higher levels of success as it progresses. Before InnovaCare Health, he was Vice President at Medical Management but soon left to become the Chief Medical Officer for another company in California, Cal Optima Health Plan. He values teamwork a lot and states the success of its business relies on the management team that counts with a staff of excellent communication and transparency. His team has had significantly more accomplishments than most other healthcare institutions for the past years, and InnovaCare is skyrocketing ahead of them.

Two affiliates in Puerto Rico: MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice Inc, one reason to this sudden growth is the high-quality technology that provides a good impression to patients as well as accurate results and fast attendance. The second reason is the training of the professionals that work in the institution. They are searched by recruiters chosen by the management team led by Rick Shinto that aims to pick the best specialists in the market while still offering medical programs that are community-friendly. The third reason is, of course, Rick Shinto’s exceptional leadership. He has technical experience in the field and understands how to be a leader.

During his career, he earned the Prize of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year for his exceptional work in leading his team. That was when he was working for Aveta Inc.

The young leader began his career in an institution called Medical Pathways Management Company right after receiving his degree at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He started as an internist and pulmonologist but quickly escalated the field and became the CEO that he is today.

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Reasons Why George Soros Has Given Away $14B in Thirty Years

The resurgence of Gorge Soros definitely doesn’t auger well with the Republican Party. Conservatives led by President Trump are bracing themselves for a tough fight with the relentless lobbyist armed with billions of dollars. Soros is said to be more determined than ever to continue funding pro-democratic causes. A while back, the tea party leaders thought they had finally gotten rid of the Billionaire Hungarian-American stocks and equities investor. Those thoughts were however quickly obliterated when Soros decided he’d finally stomached enough intolerance from the likes of Donald Trump and his entire entourage.

Hillary 2016

In total, George Soros goes down as one of the most important political donations. In total, the amount doled away by the organizations ran and owned by Soros equals to $50 million. In the 2004 Presidential Elections which saw George Bush winning against the Democrats, Soros coughed out an estimated $27 million, and in the last concluded elections he donated $25M to try help Hillary Clinton get elected. Read this story at Politico.com about George Soros.

Long Time Pal

Hilary Clinton became friends with George Soros way before the First Lady years. Hillary herself is a pro-reformer with an open door policy which makes it easier for immigrants and other minority groups to thrive and have all the rights and privileges as the rest of the population. But, if Trump gets elected one of the most controversial things he’s promised to do is to build a wall with their neighbor Mexico. Soros has in the past compared Trump to the now-disappearing terror organization operating in the Levant region of the M.E; ISIS. Read more on CNBC about George Soros.

Soros is a top honors alumnus of the London School of Economics. He now focuses most of his personal time and energy on high-speed currency and forex trading, online. Soros happened to have been engaged with some lucrative currency trading business in Europe when the Democratic Convention took place in Philadelphia. He, therefore, had no option but to personally call his 25-year-old friend, Mrs. Rodham and give her his personal apology for missing the milestone ceremony in her life. Here are some of the SUPER PAC’s being funded by the 85-year-old power baron;

The American Bridge to the 21st Century

The Priorities USA Action

The Senate Majority PAC

The Immigrant Voters Win

About George Soros

George was born in Schwartz Gyorgy in 1930. He is a global leader in business who goes by many nicknames, for instance, he’s known as the Man Who Broke the Bank of England. In the last thirty years since he got wealthy, he’s helped people all over the world in various means and ways. His foundations, Open Society Forum and the Soros Foundations have given away a fortune estimated to stand in at $14B. Forbes states his net worth to stand at $25.2B.

Sam Boraie

Sam is a renowned philanthropist and real estate businessman mostly recognized from his organization, Boraie development. He is one of the sons of Omar Boraie, who is an Egyptian-born estate developer. He is most commonly known for being the vice president of the Boraie development. It is a real-estate development organization that has built several projects in New Brunswick, located in New Jersey. In a report by PR News, the organization has recently expanded to doing projects in Newark and Atlantic City, despite being a pillar of the New Brunswick community. The organization teamed up with Shaquille O’Neal to bring different projects including residential buildings, movie theaters and retail development to the Newark community. https://www.crunchbase.com/person/sam-boraie#/entity

While this may appear to be overwhelming to a few, Boraie Development sees potential to include both lodging and retail markets. The organization values are acting first and making significant advancements that aid the community of New Jersey. The arrangement to construct a 250-unit flat building would be great for New Jersey families searching for quality houses. The development projects as a whole will be a new start for the Atlantic City, and therefore the organization is looking forward to being the providers of the services.

According to the New York Times, Sam Boraie is also known to work with different organizations to help out diverse communities. For instance, he is on the advisory board for the non-profit organization, Elijah’s Promise. This is an organization that provides support and aids to the needy. For example, they provide meals to the hungry people. They fight to end hunger through the providing education and job training for the food industry and create social enterprises that help the community as a whole. Elijah promise began as a volunteer kitchen that helped serve the needy and hungry in the New Brunswick community.

The Historic State Theater New Jersey likewise has Sam Boraie on its Board of Trustees. This past summer Boraie Development supported the State Theater’s Free Summer Movie Series. Enduring during that time of July and August, the arrangement demonstrated family favorites like Frozen, Despicable Me 2, Aladdin and Monster University. Free of charge to the community, the program gave a possibility for families and companions to interact with each other and appreciate watching family movies.

Sam Boraie is a man of the people. Not only is he contributing to the economy of New Brunswick, but he is also helping the needy and the community, through charity projects of different kinds, that both assist the present and the future of the community as a whole.

Securus Technologies may soon rent tablets at Pennsylvania County Jail

Securus Technologies helps people confined to correctional facilities maintain their connections to the outside world. The inmate telecommunications company plans to expand its offerings in one Pennsylvania county jail. The Crawford County Jail may let inmates rent tablets, according to The Daily Item.


Inmates at the Crawford County Jail may soon be able to rent Android tablets for $20 per month. The families of the DOC prisoners can rent a tablet for a loved one by putting money into the individual’s commissary account. Prisoners enrolled in the GED or other educational programs can access the tablets for free. The inmate telecommunications firm does not plan to provide more than 15 tablets for free at the time of writing.


The county must approve the deal before anyone in the facility will be able to access the tablets. Officials hope it will reduce the stress of involuntary confinement. No one who rents or who is given access to the tablets will be able to use the Internet. Crawford County prisoners will be able to access an intranet within the jail instead. Preventing access to the Internet allows corrections officers to prevent prisoners from obtaining information from unapproved sources.


Securus Technologies provides inmate communications services to inmates throughout the country. It also provides recording solutions that reduce crime and help law enforcement officials investigate criminal activity.



EOS Leads Chapstick in Lip Balm Sales

EOS is a beauty care brand discovered a short seven years ago. The brand’s first product, lip balm, has helped the company climb quickly to the top, and now, EOS is a household name that many consumers say they couldn’t live without. Although the company’s product line has expanded in the seven years, what hasn’t changed is their commitment to quality product that consumers love.

EOS is so popular on Facebook; in fact, they sell more lip balms each week than Chapstick. The Chapstick brand is one we’re all familiar with. The brand’s cylinder tubes of lip balm sit on shelves at store registers, where they’ve held their spot for over 100 year now. But, they have a new neighbor, and from the looks of things, Chapstick may be making a little more room for the neighbor.

EOS lip balm sells more than one-million orbs every week! That’s a lot of lip balm going around, but with so many awesomely amazing qualities, it’s no surprise that people purchase the balm in such great quantity.

What are the EOS lip balm qualities that make the product so great? Some of the qualities that you’ll love include:

  • EOS Lip balms are made with all-natural ingredients
  • EOS lip balms are parabens free
  • EOS contains jojoba oil and shea butter for extra moisturization
  • EOS is affordably priced at a cost of less than $4 per orb on Target and other retail outlets
  • The eight exciting flavor choices add the fun back to the lip balm world

EOS is now the second-best selling lip balm on the market today, followed by Chapstick, who is holding on as the third top-selling lip balm; and Blistex, rounding out the top four. Burt’s Bees currently holds the number one lip balm spot.

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Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Co-Hosts First Yoga Festival in Hawaii

Waiakea Water and Skyscanner for are uniting for the first time with yoga masters in The Wanderlust Yoga Festival for #FollowYourFlow Festival. It will take place from February 23-26, 2017 in Oahu, Hawaii and one lucky winner will win the contest and Skycanner will pay their airfare! Hawaii is the perfect place to enjoy the ocean and the tropical gardens while participating in yoga with well-known yogi and social media influencer Kameron Waters. Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.grubstreet.com/2017/01/whats-the-best-bottled-water.html?mid=twitter_grubst

Waiakea Water comes from Mau Luna, Hawaii. It is a natural, ph balanced volcanic water that flows through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock, and through its journey, it absorbs minerals such as silica, calcium, phosphorous and is a delicious, electrolyte and alkaline-rich natural water.

Ryan Emmons, CEO and founder, grew up visiting Waiakea Springs, and as a 22-year-old college student, he co-founded Waiakea with his partner Matt Meyer and built the company on the popular motto of young water entrepreneurs – drink healthy, drink sustainably, drink ethically.

Crunchbase posited that the Yoga Festival is a fantastic outreach into the community for Waiakea water. After three years, Waiakea has grown by 170 percent annually and is now valued at $10 million. Ryan has developed a company that has an incredible reputation. To package this incredible natural water, Ryan chose to use biodegradable, 100% RPET bottles that have a 90 percent smaller CO2 footprint than other competitors, and the public appreciates the sustainability.

Ryan Emmons also believes in Giving Back, so the company is actively involved in regional reforestation and for every liter of water sold, Waiakea donates one month of unlimited clean water for every underprivileged person in Malawi. By partnering in clean water projects with Pump Aid, Waiakea is helping to save lives.

According to Specialty Food, follow your Flow according to yoga expert Cameron is ‘a timeless and effortless state of being” and he is excited about the synergy between Waiakea water and the yoga community.

To enter the contest for the all-expense paid trip to the festival in Oahu, Hawaii, simply submit your name, email, and birthdate on the contest page before January 31. Waiakea offers the contest winner a wonderful trip to #FollowYourFlow and enjoy beautiful Hawaii.

The New Face of Entrepreneurship–Doe Deere

When women first entered the workforce, the image of the female entrepreneur was stern, starchy and anything but feminine. Portrayed as wearing dark suits, severe brown hair pulled back in a painful looking bun and striding around yelling at people summed up the stereotype. Now, new, young women are taking the online business world by storm, like Doe Deere, who has broken the mold of the old image. She’s smart, funny and beautiful, plus she knows how to use positive leadership to steer her indie cosmetic company, Lime Crime Cosmetics.


In a recent article posted on Ideamench, https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/, Doe Deere was quoted as saying that the days of ruling with an “iron fist” are over. She knows that to be a great leader, you have to inspire your employees and value your customers. Doe Deere talks about a typical day at the office, meeting with executive or working with her chemists on new products. It’s important to note that Lime Crime products are formulated vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Doe Deere has sent new trends in the world of beauty. She defines beauty as what “feels right” at any given moment. Doe Deere dares women to throw out the old rulebook and embrace their individual style.


Doe Deere started her business with little money, but never gave up believing she could succeed. Arriving in New York from Russia as a teen, Doe Deere began experimenting with clothing design and makeup invention while also pursuing her musical aspirations. Although he is multi-talented and beautiful, her attitude with her fans is casual and friendly. She does not just flaunt her success, she encourages others to define their own style and chase their own dreams.


Now, Doe Deere is the beauty maven to watch, as she is always coming up with new ideas about beauty and fashion. She dares to wear pink, purple, or blue hair, as the whim moves her, and offers all the best products for any woman to join her fearless pack of “unicorns” by wearing all the latest bold colors from Lime Crime Cosmetics, https://www.limecrime.com/.


Innovation is a big part of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe Deere and company are always coming up with new, must-have products like the new “Diamond Crusher” lipstick shades makes shopping online at Lime Crime so much fun! Women love to model Lime Crime products on social media and rave about the products with their friends.