Securus Technologies Enhances Transparency and Their Products Credibility by Sharing Customer Reviews

With the intention of making public the advancement and steps undertaken to prevent crimes in the correctional facilities, Securus Technologies published a list of comments and reviews made by customers who have had the chance to use their technology. The comments were samples that came in the form of formal letters and email communications. Additionally, they come from several prisons and jails throughout the States. Most of the comments come from guards and officials responsible for the prevention and crime-solving in the institutions. It should, however, be noted that the letters have undergone redaction. It is done to guarantee the protection of the innocent.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, said that they develop a new product or service on a weekly basis. The products help officials in solving crimes and preventing more from happening. He prides himself on the fact that they work to ensure the society, including prisoners, their relatives and parolees remain safer. Further, the company has received an A+ accreditation from Better Business Bureau for meeting the standards.


Some of the comments received include:


An officer expresses gratitude for the assistance offered by the company. Securus provided phone call information towards a by then, ongoing investigation. The officer proceeded to obtain a search warrant that led to the arrest of the culprit for introducing contraband in the facility.


In another, the writer thanks Securus for their continued support and commitment to improving public safety.


Another one says of the impressiveness portrayed by secures in the development of emerging technology. The writer says the investigative tools combined with their investigative mindset helps in crime detection, solving, and prevention.


Reporting data has gone further to minimize the entry of contraband in the facilities.


One praises the LBS software. The software has enabled the department in the recovery of illegal assets, drugs, and money. Without the software, the writer says the recovery work would be much harder.


Bob Reina Helps Tampa Bay Humane Society with A Million Bucks

Bob Reina is more than just a CEO of Talk Fusion. He means so much more to those who depend on him year after year. For those people, they depend on the money that they receive from the donations provided by Bob Reina.


One of those groups is the Tampa Bay Humane Society. They depend on the donations they get each year to support the strays and unwanted animals in the area. Each year, there is an annual gala organized and many contributors are brought in to write checks and offer donations to the humane society.


Each year when Bob Reina attends, he writes a check for a good amount of money and this is to help those in the shelter that might not have made it otherwise. The donation he made this year was for $250,000. This was not the only donation that he made to the shelter. Later this year, he was approached to help with an idea that the Tampa Bay humane society had.


The thought they had shared was on the building of a vet center that would help pet owners in the area who otherwise are unable to provide vet services for their pets. For most pet owners, they do not know the different resources they could have through the humane society. They instead don’t use the services and eventually because of their lack of knowledge, more pets are brought into the society.


Most pet owners do not know that the humane society offers low cost or no cost spay and neuter. If more people knew about this service, there would be far less pets needing homes. You have to imagine the amount of pets there are waiting for homes already before there are more born. Also, there are a number of dogs or cats that will come into shelters pregnant that are forced to give birth in a cage and whose pups or kittens are forced to live in cages for their first several weeks or months of birth.


Bob Reina himself is a lovable pet owner. He believes that they need to have a chance of survival no matter the circumstance. That is why he opts to offer donation year after year to the humane society. Learn more: