Ecommerce Recommendation Engine and Its Contribution to Increase in Sales

Retailers and wholesalers have a wealth of information available to them today. Therefore, even though previous marketing strategies may have worked well, it is important that each business organizations become familiar with the newest trends in the industry. Specifically, those strategies that are currently transforming the way sales strategies and techniques are being used online. The information that these business owners and their representatives ascertain can make a significant difference between low sales from a few loyal customers and a huge audience that cannot buy enough from the inventory that the business has available.

With this in mind, one of the latest proven strategies that have been used by top sellers in the industry is called Ecommerce Recommendation Engine. So, for those owners who want to know what they should do next to increase their conversion rates and their profits, here are a few things that you should know about Ecommerce Recommendation Engine and the addition of Artificial Intelligence into today’s marketing campaigns.

As of recent, one of the first things that a business owner should know is what is ecommerce recommendation engine and how does it apply to the use of artificial intelligence. For instance, when ecommerce recommendation engine is normally explained, most people may compare it to the way a physical salesperson shows a customer around the store as they shop. Aside from only pointing an individual to a specific product in a store they are interested in, the savvy sales person will find a way to keep the customer on the hook for other related options that they may need. Typically, this sales technique is used when the sales person in the store is looking sale other items that may match the purchase they are already making. This strategy usually works extremely well when women are buying a skirt for themselves and they need a matching top to complete the outfit. Either way, this type of sales strategy will not only increase the potential sales but the possibilities of returning to the store again for more purchases.

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By the same token, online sales can emulate the same processes. This is why ecommerce recommendation search engine and artificial intelligence is so popular today among online businesses that want to provide individual consumers with personal attention from the beginning to the end of their shopping ventures. Also, this combination is a proven strategy that will help consumers to return again and again to make many different purchases. As loyal customers, people will save both time and money.

Sahm Adrangi and the Power of His Banking Expertise

One of the many elevated and promising leaders in business you can read about today is Sahm Adrangi. Sure, you have many big leaders out there who are practical topics of feature articles, but how many of them can you trust? Are you sure those articles are not paid by hacks? Are you doing your research well? This is something that we will address in the topic about Sahm Adrangi. In this article, we will share with you an article about Sahm Adrangi that will cover the essentials and will not burden you with needless details. Shall I continue?

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One of the primary things you probably need first to know about Sahm Adrangi is the fact that he serves to be the current Founder and Chief Investment Officer of the renowned Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. With Mr. Adrangi’s keen detail on risk management that seems to be equipped with the probabilistic and ergodicity knowledge of Nassim Taleb, the growth of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC is at its optimum level. It is also because of Kerrisdale’s fascinating track record that allowed the company to reach the success that it has right now, and this will be nothing without the help of Mr. Sahm.

With Sahm’s help, there are now many people and employees who have jobs and restructured policies that benefit their lives and make their business even prosper. It might also be essential to say here that with Mr. Sahm’s help, there are now more banks who have restructured loan policies that will make it easy for business holders to grow their businesses.

With Mr. Adrangi’s expertise in leveraged finance policies in Deutsche Bank, it is now easy for people to get the finance and refinancing needs that they want and deserve. With Mr. Sahm’s help, it’s now easier for people to get the loans and savings plans they need without spending too much.


Tony Petrello From Public School To Charitable CEO

After Hurricane Harvey, the people of many Texas cities found how what many residents of cities would like to know. That is how much companies care about the communities they do business, especially after a disaster. This hurricane did widespread damage to homes not only from the initial storm but the flooding that occurred throughout the state. This resulted in a high demand for food, water, and other supplies. To answer this demand several Houston businesses began helping immediately afterward. This included the Houston Food Bank, H-E-B and Nabors Industries that were early to help hurricane and flood victims.

This is not unusual for Nabors Industries to help out the community since the local drilling company employees often participate in community projects and the company gets involved in fundraisers and special events. This is one area that CEO Anthony Petrello is steadfast in his belief is to give back to the community is essential for the company.

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The Nabors Industries employees took time off from work to help after the hurricane and went where ever they were needed. The company offered the employees taking time off work to help paid time off and they were sent to various locations along the coast. The company and employees started a disaster relief fund and Tony Petrello matched the contributions. In the end, the total of the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund totaled $173, 622 plus Mr. Petrello’s matching donation. This disaster did not only affect others about 10 percent of the Nabors Industries employees were directly affected by Hurricane Harvey. The company went further than just their fund the on-site kitchen for the company was used to cook large volumes of hot meals for local families three times a day.

This is not a unique effort by the company or the CEO since they donate to national organizations including Bike MS Foundation and Susan G. Komen Foundation. They also have their own Nabors Charitable Foundation that has donated more than $3 million dollars to employees and children in education scholarships.

Anthony Petrello is passionate about giving and education as the Nabors Industries CEO. He was raised in Newark and as a young man he studied hard to have a good future. He attended public school where he excelled Ph.D. level calculus and linear algebra. He was accepted into Yale University with a full scholarship. Mr. Petrello gained the confidence of well known mathematical theorist Serge Lang who had a young Anthony Petrello assist him with his work in number theory. After attending Yale Mr. Petrello left his math skills behind to attend and study human sciences at Harvard Law School.

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