Boraie Development and its impact on Newark, new Jersey

The Aspire, which is a project by Boraie, has 238 apartments which are in the two-bedroom, one-bedroom and studio categories. The building is not only modern and designer but is full service as well. It has various amenities such as private parking, which will allow residents to access the building directly. It also has a lobby, which will have a doorman available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The interior is characterized by ceilings that are nine to ten feet high. They also have bathroom details (frameless glass showers), oversized closets, islanded gourmet kitchens and hardwood floors in the living areas. The large windows in each room allow ample lighting to penetrate the apartments.

The center, which is in New Brunswick, is situated at 135 Somerset St. and it is convenient for those using public means of transport since it is a few steps away from the train station in this region. Residents in this building have an array of entertainment options surrounding them as there are dining and clubbing places nearby. Additionally, they have education and medical facilities such as Rutgers University and Saint Peter’s Hospital, among others. The prices of the two-bedroom, one-bedroom and studio categories are about $2,750, $1,800 and $1,650, respectively.

Shaquille O’Neal, who has partnered with Boraie to develop Newark, grew up in this region. O’Neal states that he mainly spent the majority of his time either in the theatre or Boys and Girls Club, as his parents would require him to go these places to keep him off trouble. Due to the love he still has for his home region, O’Neal, who is a former NBA star, has collaborated with Boraie to develop One Rector Street. The groundbreaking was done in 2013 even though construction started in 2017 and the building will be completed in 2019.

Boraie is a real estate entity that is focused on urban development where it engages in sales and marketing, property management and development. The company works with contractors that are keen on deadlines, architects who are visionaries and the most reliable financial institutions to ensure successful completion of projects.

The Background Of Harry Harrison, Former Head Of Barclays Non-Core

Financial institutions pride themselves in being one of the highest-paying fields of employers on the planet. Landing a position at one of these banks, research centers, investment managers, or advisors is difficult because so many people routinely fight tooth-and-nail to gain employment among the ranks of the world’s largest financial institutions.

The second-largest bank in the United Kingdom and the 18th-largest in the world, Barclays PLC claimed total assets worth $1,531.7 billion in 2018. As you might imagine, the pay at Barclays is quite nice.

Harry Harrison is fortunate enough to have worked for Barclays PLC for over 24 years, beginning at BZW as a trading specialist in short-term interest rate security swaps in 1989. Nine years later, the company was renamed as Barclays. At the company, he became the head of United States, United Kingdom, and European rates trading just four years after he graduated from the derivatives trading department in 1999.

Mr. Harrison was named the co-head of securities at Barclays Investment Bank in 2013. The next year, he was moved to Barclays Non-Core, a subsidiary of Barclays that carried some one-fourth of the company’s total assets. Rather than managing those investments, Harry had the job of unloading them without sacrificing their worth over a three-year period.

A graduate of a master program at the University of Cambridge and a bachelor’s program at the University of Warwick, Harry Harrison completed his job with flying colors in 2017. Since then, Harry has relocated to New York City, New York, where he manages the assets of the business from countries spread across six continents.

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Highland Capital Management provides solutions in the credit and investment industry

Highland Capital Management is a company specialized in the provision of investment strategies and a global investment manager for many businesses. The company was formed by Mark Okanda and James Dondero in 1993 and has grown significantly over the years due to the excellent leadership qualities of the founders and the unique working environment. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Highland Capital Management prides itself to have a team of highly trained professionals who execute their duties well to offer clear cut solutions to the clients. The company has its headquarters at Dallas, Texas and several branches in London, Brazil, Seoul, and Singapore. The company has established itself as one of the best alternative asset managers in the world. The company’s specialization includes in the fields of credit strategies such as hedge funds, private equity, public equities, and the real estate. The company utilizes a value-based approach to solve their clients’ needs, and it aims to advance to other asset classes in the future. Read more about James Dondero at

Highland Capital Management maintains an active website that shares information about the company’s products and service offering. The site also shares information about the available working opportunities for professionals who would like to work at Highland Capital Management. The company provides a conducive working environment for its staff and nurtures talent significantly.

The customer service department works round the clock to give excellent services and assistance to the clients. The management team is always ready to listen to the concerns of the staff, and the culture of the organization promotes professional development. The company has an active Twitter handle that shares information in a fast and reliable way.

The CEO Mark Okanda

The chief executive officer of the company, Mark Okanda has been in the credit industry for many years and is an investment expert. He has worked in many large credit institutions, and his prowess in investment analysis has helped in the development of many public and private institutions. Mark Okada serves as the leading officer in the investment strategies of Highland Capital Management.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar and His Notable Achievements

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a skilled plastic surgeon based in Dallas, Texas.

Apart from being in the field of plastic surgery for quite some time, he

has also been known for being an entrepreneur dealing in skin care


Apart from his skin care products being affordable, they have also been

known to work very efficiently. His products are known to treat wrinkles,

fine lines, dark spots on the skin. People who have used these products

have also been happy with the way they bring back elasticity to the skin.

His Skill Set

Apart from being very professional and friendly to all the patients he

treats, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is also known for being very skilled. This is

thanks to his 11 – 20 years in the practice. Some of the areas of expertise

include hair graft implantation using a technology called Smart Graft. He

also carries out breast augmentation, nose jobs, skin care, and lapel

suction among many other procedures.

The doctor also makes it his life’s work finding better, less invasive

procedures to treat his patients and that’s exactly what keeps him ahead.

He is also great at using Crisalix Virtual Aesthetics which is a 3D imaging

system that shows the patient how they’d look like after a procedure

through simulation.

His Past Education

Before becoming the respected and dedicated plastic surgeon from Dallas,

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar had to go through medical school in a bid to sharpen

his skills. It all begun with his enrollment to the University of Michigan

Medical School where he studied medicine. Once he was done, Dr. Sameer

Jejurikar opted to join the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health

Centers where he specialized in plastic surgery.

According to the dedicated doctor, plastic surgery is where science and art

meet. And thanks to his passion, he has been in a position to use both his

knowledge and experience to give clients nothing but the very best.

Nick Vertucci: Real Estate Guru

Nick Vertucci founded and is the CEO of NV Real Estate Academy. The company which has branches across the US such as Nevada and California is among those of which that are soaring heights in both advisory and real estate education. In the company, Nick Vertucci being the sole creator of Fortunes and Flipping systems has the major role of teaching others the art of selling, buying, and renovating real estate assets. He uses to sell computer parts as his business before he changed to real estate. He has developed a passion for real estate from his early interest in the idea. He focuses on making people get their own financial freedom.

Educational Background and Career

Nick attended Canyon High School and graduated with a Diploma in the year 1984. With his diploma, he decided to join the task force, where he worked for many companies. He became the CEO and president of Coastline Company for 6 years after which he left in the year 2007 to start his own company – Nick Vertucci Companies’. The main aim of this firm was to help bank investors solve the problems that come along with investment in bank-owned properties.

Nick Vertucci buys the bank owned properties and runs a crucial post in the investment system ‘Turn-Key’ a system that helps the investors who buy, sell and renovate the bank-owned properties. Among his other achievements is that he has managed to develop homes that suit single families.

The Bottom Line

Nick Vertucci is a renowned successful entrepreneur who believes in using the strategies and ideas that have gained him financial control to teach other people to do the same. He belies in investing in a final picture and in the trust that that will succeed. He is a hard worker, passionate and is committed to his real estate venture.

The Works of Matthew Fleeger

The name Matthew Fleeger is not new in the oil industry of the U.S. He is a highly skilled person in business and is the current Gulf Coast’s CEO. The use of advanced technology in oil drilling and partnerships have taken the company to high levels of achievements. Matthew’s experience in management has made him a highly respected person. His main areas of operation in the company are marketing, sales, and finance. His has been very successful in those areas.

His Interview

During his interview, Matthew Fleeger said that his company survived the hardest oil recession period. He is a strong believer in positivity and believes that negativity can bring down anything a company has achieved. He says that open-mindedness and teamwork are some of the reasons his company survived the recession. All his efforts and that of his team were directed towards growing the efficiency of his company. By evaluating all his business aspects, he was able to reduce the expenses and still maintain all those involved in the business including his clients.

Encouraging Employees

Matthew Fleedger believes in working tirelessly and encouraging your team to do better every day. During the recession, he told his employees that the difficulties they were going through would only make them stronger than they were. Those hardships would prepare them well for their future at the company. He says that every challenge the business went through was an opportunity for them to find other ways to grow. It is this positive attitude that has helped him learn to remain calm, composed, and focused during the hardest of times. He decided to use his savings to make sure that his company remained steadfast during the recession. He is positive that the Gulf Coast will keep operating efficiently, as it is responsible for controlling the oil price flexibility. Without a doubt, the company is going places.