Article Title: Jana Messerschmidt, Reading and Work

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Jana Lightspeed isn’t really her full name. It’s not uncommon for people to refer to the investment powerhouse in that manner, however. That’s due to the fact that they closely connect her to Lightspeed Venture Partners. Jana is in all actuality named Jana Messerschmidt, not Jana Lightspeed. She can describe herself in many styles. She can tell people that she’s an investor. She can tell them that she’s one of the individuals who helped bring #ANGELS to the public. This San Francisco, California gal has been connecting with the public via social media since the middle of 2008. That’s when she created her account with Twitter. Messerschmidt’s tweets have been educating her followers for over 10 whole years now. Her penchant for Twitter is no shocker. She previously was a Twitter employee.

Messerschmidt thinks that interactions with others are key for entrepreneurship that makes complete sense. She consistently strives to aid others who are in her circles. She frequently aids other firms. She just as frequently aids firms regardless of whether they’ve recruited her as well.

This vibrant professional is a massive fan of a hair dryer that’s produced by Dyson. She states that the device has been a game-changer for her morning regimen. That’s because it has made her preparation routine go a lot more swiftly. She for years and years squandered roughly 20 minutes each morning working on drying her locks. This Dyson tool, however, has minimized that period to merely seven minutes or so.

Reading is one of Messerschmidt’s plentiful pastimes. She has a deep fondness for Becoming, a novel that was penned by former First Lady Michelle Obama. She also is fond of Jane Mayer’s Dark Money. This release delves into all sorts of political matters. It also delves into society and general chaos. Messerschmidt is fascinated by political topics.

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