The Stand to Preserve Human Rights

Human Rights

Humanity is at a place where it has to redefine itself. From Children’s rights being violated to having to confirm to ourselves that lives do matter through the establishment of groups like Black lives Matters. We seem to be at a crossroad. But there is always hope, which is brought in by groups like The Advocates for Human Rights. This group offers free legal services to people who do not earn much. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikepida

Their services are offered in Minnesota, North Dakota and also South Dakota. They offer assistance to people detained by the immigration authority.

They defend women rights and much more. This group was started in 1984 and its executive director is Ms. Robin Phillip. Some group funds such as the Larkin and Lacey Frontera fund have come into place, to assist groups that are fighting for human rights.

About the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

This fund was started by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who are journalists by profession. Michael and Jim are known as the founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. The two friends and colleagues have put into good use the money arising from their arrest by funding migrant rights organizations.

They received a settlement of $3.75 million in 2007. The Larkin & Lacey Frontera fund will be assisting groups that fight for human, civil and migrants’ rights. They will also be supporting groups that fight for the right of speech in Arizona. Their contribution will go a long way in giving a much-desired boost to these groups.

The fund is closely associated with a group known as the Border Angels, which is a non-profit charity group. The group is based in San-Diego and was founded in 1986 by Enrique Morones. The group is involved in immigration, where they fight for various reforms and try to curb immigrants’ deaths as they cross the border. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

They seek to restore justice and do away with the false believe that people have about the immigrants who move to the U.S.A. through the border. So through funds such as the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund, they receive not only moral support but also financial support.

Final Note

The groups arising to fight for human rights are increasing daily. Therefore it takes the emergence of fund groups such as the Larkin & Lacey Frontera to come in and through their funding programs, impact the society.

How Arthur Becker Rose to the Top as an Entrepreneur

Arthur Becker has become a stalwart presence in New York City thanks to his work as a Managing Partner at Madison Partners, LLC. Madison Partners is quickly becoming one of our favorite investment firms to watch out for. Madison Partners is focused on two primary industries: real estate as well as bio technology. Arthur Becker’s name may be familiar to you even if his company is not. Becker is a high profile entrepreneur who is the CEO of ZINIO and he was also the subject of TMZ headlines thanks to his high profile relationship with fashion guru Vera Wang. Putting all of that aside, Becker always has something informative and interesting to say to future entrepreneurs. More details can be found On Crunchbase.

In a sit down interview, Arthur Becker was more than willing to share a few of the little secrets that help keep him going and have made him such a success as a businessman. Becker has succeeded in just about every industry that he has come across so it makes sense that people would want to know how he made it happen. Well, we can break down his success by industry in order to apply the advice that he has to give. Looking at ZINIO, a high profile tech company he joined in 2003, we can see that he has been nothing short of a steady hand at the wheel. Success came early for Becker and ZINIO and that helped give him the courage he needed in order to branch out. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.

In terms of branching out, Becker says that Madison Partners LLC was the first company that he put a private investment in. Madison Partners LLC, which focuses on buying and selling ‘unique’ properties after renovating them, has become something of a powerhouse name within NYC. Becker says that having worked with Vera Wang Fashion, he is more able to go out and really focus on renovation and interior design. This has given him some great insight while working. The common thread for all of Becker’s work is that he is focused on being prepared. When you are prepared, Becker says, you are never struggling with self-doubt.

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Jeremy Goldstein Sees the New ‘Lawyer Referral and Information Service’ Highly Welcoming

Jeremy Goldstein, a reputed attorney and the Partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, welcomed the move by New York State Bar Association to start Lawyer Referral and Information Service or LRIS. The new service is helpful for people from New York to find a lawyer with experience and expertise from their locality and can get legal advice. LRIS is actually an online portal for people who wanted legal assistance, and it works 24 × 7 at The service has also added a telephone service to help the customers with immediate assistance.


The New York Bar Association developed the platform by collaborating with, a leader in referral and marketplace management technology provider in the country specific for legal services. With the new service, any individual can go to the website and fill the details specifying the legal issue and their locality. The Bar Association staff reviews the issue and assign it to an attorney who is in that community or nearby. If the person is living in any of the 17 counties which have local referral service, the Bar Association will forward it to the respective County Bar. Though the referral is free, people have to pay $35 for the first 30 minutes consulting with the attorney. After the initial consultation, the customer has the option to continue with the lawyer or choose another.


Jeremy Goldstein and his firm specialize in advising CEOs, compensation committees, corporations, and management teams on executive compensation matters and corporate governance. He has greater expertise in handling sensitive situations and issues from transformative corporate events. Before founding his own firm, Jeremy Goldstein worked with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, and Shearman & Sterling LLP.


He played crucial roles in many significant corporate transactions and assisted Goldman Sachs, Duke Energy, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co, Bank of America Corporation, and more. Jeremy Goldstein completed his graduation in Art History from Cornell University and continued his Masters at The University of Chicago. He did his J.D. from New York University School of Law.

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Bruno Fagali Career Experience

Bob Vieira once said that there was need to be cautious, since public communication normally generates mistrust. He said caution was the best way to ensure that the company name was not associated with corruption practices. New/sb was working with CGU in its integrity program.

Bruno’s work at Bob Vieira’s New/sb is one of the positions he occupies outside FAGALI. At New/sb, Bruno applies compliance regulations to ensure that the company effectively operates using good practice. In this role helps the firm ensure that it does not inadvertently engage in corrupt practices.

New/sb was among the first in the advertising sector to create a ‘code of conduct’ that would toe the ‘anti corruption legislation’. Indeed New/sb is the only firm so far to have consulted CGU on its corporate regulations. New/sb, where Bruno Fagali works, is the first Brazilian owned company to be included in international advertising competitions. New/sb, again, is among the first company in the advertising sector to submit its code of conduct the transparency ministry’s organ: CGU.

Corporate Integrity Program

Bruno Fagali is responsible for the implementation of the corporate integrity program. The training teams established in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are charged with the management of the corporate integrity program in the respective areas. Overall management is in the able hands of Bruno Fagali.

Bruno Fagali Education

Bruno Fagali is a champion of integrity. As founding partner at FAGALI advocacy, he holds a master’s degree in law from USP. Bruno Fagali specializes in administrative and compliance law. Bruno also has credentials in Anti-corruption, electoral and public law. Under the public law he handles administrative, urban and constitutional law. He his first degree in Law is from PUC. Apart from founding FAGALI, he also coordinates the ‘ethics and advertising agencies commission of the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics’. Additionally, Bruno Fagali is a member of IBDEE.

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Emily’s Wen by Chaz Experience

I came across an article on about Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner. I have heard about this product before on Twitter that had gotten great results, so it immediately struck my interest. The article follows a woman, with what she describes as “fine, thin hair”, through a seven-day trial using the Fig scented version. On each of the seven days, Emily gives a detailed account of her experience, and she includes pictures to back it up.

Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner is a unique product for a few reasons. It is described as a 5-in-1 formula designed to replace shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. It does not contain any foaming agents like sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS, that strip out the natural oils that protect our hair. Most people are accustomed to shampoos that foam, but Wen by Chaz does not produce any foam. There are numerous studies showing that SLS has negative effects on our health. The health impact of SLS can range from minor skin irritations to even be linked to forms of cancer.

Going on to the Wen website, I see that they produce a number of other hair products, but it seems that the Cleansing Conditioner is their most popular item. It comes in a variety of different scents to cater to everyone’s personal preferences. It is great for all hair types and textures, it can be used every day, it is manufactured in the United States, and it is not tested on animals.

Getting back to Emily’s seven-day experiment, she gives the Sephora sold product a big thumb up. She feels it is particularly beneficial for people with fine hair. I do agree that in her picture on the seventh day her hair looks much thicker than on day one.


Betsy DeVos’ Successful Culture of Giving and Education Reform

I am passionate about education reform. Since my college days at Calvin College, I have not been the one to shy away from politics. For over thirty years, I have been in charge of all manner of political events and activities such as political action committees, party campaigns, and organization. I spent six years as the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party. I have held various political positions since 1976.

I am currently the Chairperson of the Windquest Group, a private investment company with interests in clean energy, technology, and manufacturing. We established Windquest in 1989 with my husband, Dick DeVos. Dick has previously worked with Amway, and he was also the president of the famous Orlando Magic basketball franchise.

As an ardent advocate of choice in education, I am an excellent choice to chair the American Federation for Children, AFC. In addition, I also head the Alliance for School Choice. I am glad that the private choice programs in education are rapidly gaining traction. New programs are coming up in states that did not have them, and existing ones are expanding. Scores of voters are expressing their support for choice in education especially among the Latino communities.

Betsy Devos involvement in education reform started right here in Michigan. When our children became of school age, we felt that every parent should have a choice in the education their child gets. My husband and I unsuccessfully tried to propose an amendment to the constitution of the state of Michigan to support choice in education in 2000. That marked the start of my commitment to AFC.

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I am committed to achieving excellence in business, philanthropy and community development. Our giving efforts reflect our Christian faith and political beliefs. Through our philanthropy platform, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, we are passionate about education, children, and politics. We launched the Foundation in 1989 and have realized tremendous success since.

For example in 2012, we gave over $11 million to charitable causes. Between 1999 and 2014, the foundation was able to disburse over $100 million to various causes including Christian organizations, rights groups, and education. Since 1989 to date, our political support runs over $140 million. In 2015, we made it to number twenty-four on the Forbes list of America’s top donors. In the same year, our giving efforts reached over $11 million.

I continue to support dozens of causes through the foundation. Besides the GOP and related political groups, some of the other organizations that receive our support include Potters House, West Michigan Aviation Academy, which my husband runs, the Acton Institute, the Kennedy Center and ArtPrize among many others. In addition, I support public policy, civic education, community development, the church, health services, the arts and leadership development.

I believe politicians have a duty to positively impact the lives of future generations through active community engagement and policy reform. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Doe Deere Has Create A Unicorn Empire From Her Lime Crime Cosmetics Company

Doe Deere is the colorful self-proclaimed “queen of the unicorns” and is also the creator and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She is originally from Russia and came to the United States as a teenager. Even in Russia, she was an entreprenuer, enticing her friends to buy the then new rage, temporary tattoos. She had a passion for color and fashion even at an early age. Those qualities combined have helped her to create a company that is now a household name.


Once in the United States, she attended FIT fashion school and also joined a punk band, which allowed her to exercise fashion freedom. She wore what she wanted and combined her looks with brightly colored cosmetics. She had to make her own because she couldn’t find any that helped her express her style. She soon realized that there were many people that felt the same way. She saw that there was an opportunity to create a profitable company, so she jumped on the chance to create something unique and different.


She created her own Ebay store that she used to sell her cosmetics after she found a great deal of success as a fashion vlogger on Youtube. She decided rather quickly on a name for her Ebay store by rhyming a word with her favorite color. She ended up with Lime Crime and the name has stuck ever since. Her business took off and gained incredible momentum. She eventually took the business to a separate online platform. Over the years, the company has grown into a full-size cosmetics company that has millions of fans all over the world. They regularly release new and exciting cosmetics for their customers to enjoy. Doe herself has a hand in the marketing and creation of all of the new cosmetics. She is in the lab helping to create the products, as well as testing them on herself. Her company has a cruelty-free philosophy and their products are dermatologist tested.


Lime Crime has a wide variety of both eye and lip colors with many different individual lines of the products. Naturally, the colors range from mild to wild and all are of the highest quality. They are even about to release their new hair dye line called Unicorn Hair. Every product is highly anticipated before its release and once on the market, the customers scoop the products up as fast as they can. Doe Deere takes pride in the success of her company and also helps other young female entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and achieve their business goals through her mentorship.




Samuel Strauch Is An Real Estate Professional

Samuel Strauch is a prominent real estate investor in Miami, Florida. Samuel Strauch has achieved great success in th real estate industry. If you are looking for an expert to learn from, look no further than Samuel Strauch. The real estate field is very lucrative and a renowned expert can help you learn what works.

Samuel Strauch is an expert with a long a successful investing career, which makes him a sought after professional.

Samuel Strauch strongly believes that proper planning and quality education can help any ambitious individual to attain tremendous success as a real estate investor.

Getting valuable training and pertaining to real estate shouldn’t be a daunting task. There are many resources on the Internet that promise to help you get started and become successful. While some of these resources are reliable and can offer quality training there are those that do not deliver as promised. That is why it always recommended to go with someone that has a proven track record in the field.

Samuel Strauch has guided and advised numerous clients, colleagues and companies and comes highly recommended in the real estate investing field. Samuel Strauch is truly passionate about helping entrepreneurs, businesses and others who want to change their financial situation. He has great expertise in real estate and he strives to put them on a proven path to success.

Many clients and colleagues of Samuel Strauch rave about the outstanding teaching, coaching and advice they have received from him and the outcome of their ventures. Samuel Strauch is a reputable and reliable professional and caring person who likes to see others succeed in their respective ventures.

If learn from Samuel Strauch and you put in the required time and effort, you can definitely become successful as a real estate investor.

The Full Copa Star Experience

If you are in Rio de Janeiro and are looking for a good hospital, I will refer you to the Copa Star Hospital. The hospital will treat you like you are a tourist who checked in a five-star hotel. The hospital has been around for only two years now, but it is already a major turn in Rio’s health industry. Now the elite of Rio can use their dollars in the state. Also, incoming tourists don’t have to fear that they will not get luxurious medical care in the area.

Copa Star is built on one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. It is 7-story tall and sits on approximately 10,000 sq. meters. The hospital is approximated to have cost $115 million and it has been worth it in every way. The hospital has 105 Private suites, note that this are not the regular rooms that you will find in most hospitals. Each suite has a lobby that is decorated with excellent works of art and is fixed with sofas to enable you have a great view of the surrounding area. Each suite has an iPad allocated to it. The tablets can be used in controlling the mood and environment of the suites. By simply making a few clicks, you can adjust your bed, lighting and even the drapes.

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The hospital has 59 Intensive Care Units. These units are well-equipped to support life, but they are not short of luxury. Each unit is equipped with screens that also double as windows. These screens give a live feed of what is happening on the streets so that the beautiful view is brought to critical patients even when they cannot walk to it.

Additionally, the hospital has smart operating rooms. These rooms are technologically advanced to allow live communication between surgeons as they seek for opinions of world’s best surgeons. The hospital also has neurosurgery rooms and hybrid rooms. All are integrated with telemedicine, robotic medicine, and magnetic resonance equipment. All these help in increasing the effectiveness of the highly complex procedures that are undertaken at the hospital.

Other than being well-equipped, the hospital Copa Star more than delivers luxury. The hospital has an on-site five-star hotel, to which patients and guests can treat themselves to delicacies. There is also a spa where patients can go sunbathing. Then, there is a wellness center and saunas, all for the comfort and relaxation of patients.

Providing luxurious treatment experiences is what the hospital Copa Star thrives in. It is the best thing that happened to the residents of Rio, directly or indirectly. Indirectly because of the enormous contributions that the hospital has on the economy of Rio. Read more at about Copa Star.

Oncotarget Has Grown To Become a One-Stop Spot for All Medical Related Information and Solutions

Science has progressed over the years, and medical discoveries have continued to be made all over the world. It, therefore, becomes necessary to make this information readily available to the people. Oncotarget has relentlessly published free weekly medical journals online and in print after special requests. Their mission is to make available these medical discoveries to as many people as possible who require these results to fight diseases and ultimately achieve a life free of diseases.

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Oncotarget’s journals are insightful, timely, and are always reviewed by fellow researchers to ensure that only correct and useful information reach out to the people. This has made Oncotarget grow in popularity as well as mark an increase in the impact of their research. The firm has also grown from their initial mission of only researching on oncology to adopt other areas of research. Under the leadership of very experienced scientists, the researchers have outdone themselves to the point of winning awards, such as the Breakthrough Prize.

Effects of E-cigarettes

Oncotarget recently published an article on the effects of electronic cigarettes. A study led by Irfan Rahman and funded by the National Institute of Health showed that these cigarettes have adverse effects on gums and teeth similar to those manifested by conventional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have been on the rise among the youths since they are perceived to be healthier. Scientists also had the notion that chemicals found in smoke contained in conventional cigarettes were the cause of these effects until this study showed otherwise. E-cigarettes come with a battery, a heating device, and a liquid holding cartridge, which has nicotine, flavorings, and chemicals. Inflammatory proteins are released when e-cigarette vapors are burned. They, in turn, cause damage that can lead to oral infections. The damage is directly related to some e-cigarettes consumed.

More about Oncotarget

Oncotarget has been in existence since 2010. Under the able hands of their chief editors Mikhail Blagosklonny, who is an oncologist and a cancer researcher, and Andrei V. Gudkov, Oncotarget has expanded its publishing to other disciplines such as pathology, autophagy, and neurology among others. The Gordon Research Conference sponsors the journals, which are then published by Impact Journals. Read more about Oncotarget at Google Scholar.