Gregory Aziz And The Rebuilding Of National Steel Car

Businessman Gregory James Aziz has breathed new life into the once-great railroad freight car production company National Steel Car. The Hamilton, Ontario, Canada based company was founded in 1912 and had developed a reputation for the highest quality designing, engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars. But the company had fallen on hard times until Gregory J Aziz, a native of London, Ontario, purchased the company in 1994. Aziz, now National Steel Car’s president, CEO and chairman, has revived both the company and the Hamilton community with his vision and generosity.


Greg Aziz earned a degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario. After graduating in 1971, he went to work with the wholesale food business his family owned called Affiliated Foods. For the next 16 years Gregory J Aziz helped Affiliated Foods to grow and expand. By the 1980s, the company had a client list that included large wholesale food markets all over Eastern Canada and throughout the U.S. Affiliated Foods was importing fresh food from South and Central America, Europe and other places around the world. Once he felt his family was financially secure, Greg Aziz began researching business opportunities of his own.


He set his sights on National Steel Car. After reaching out to sources of financing in New York, Greg Aziz was able to get the money he needed to purchase the company from Dofasco. He then focused on rebuilding National Steel Car and the community in which it is located. Gregory James Aziz began by increasing the company’s staff by 2,400 from just 600 to over 3,000. The company has also embraced the company’s legendary expertise in engineering and world-class production. By focusing on human and capital investment, team building and increased manufacturing capacity, National Steel Car has increased production from 3,500 to 12,000 cars per year. View More Information Here.


National Steel Car is once again among North America’s top railroad freight car manufacturing company. It’s the only one certified ISO 9001:2008. The company has received this certification 18 years in a row. Plus, since 1996, National Steel Car has received the award from TTX SECO for the highest quality freight cars. And the Hamilton community has benefitted as well. Gregory James Aziz gives generous donations to local food banks, the Salvation Army, the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, the Aquarius Theatre and many other organizations and causes in Hamilton.


Local people see Greg Aziz is a godsend.

Securus Technologies Continues with Successful Acquisitions

Securus Technologies is taking its reputation further with another successful expansion and acquisition made by the corporation. The provider of solutions for the civil and criminal justice sector has been on a roll with purchases which are a part of its long-term plan of expansion.



The latest two businesses that Securus Technologies acquired are JPay Inc and GovNetPay. Both of those companies are leaders in their line of work. JPay Inc is a money management service that allows people to make money transfers to people. The option to send money to inmates when the United States of America was added after the company of Securus Technologies purchased JPay Inc.



GovNetPay was already working in the business of correctional services as the platform processes billions of transfers in the penitentiary sector such as fees for speeding and parking violations, court taxes and fees, cash bail, and many other types of payments. GovNetPay is used by more than 2 300 agencies and facilities across the United States of America in 24 states. The processor uses both credit and debit cards and is popular and widely preferred compared to other similar services because of its high capacity and reliability,



Those were the aspects of the business that attracted Securus Technologies to acquire GovNetPay. The company believes that GovNetPay will enhance their payment transfer services with GovNetPay on their side. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, the company will have no problem managing at least 40 million transfers every year. Chief Executive Officer Robert E. Pickens added that he believes JPay and GovNetPay will make an extremely powerful team and putting them together on the job would be the perfect combination of powerful and reliable inmate money transfer system for the clients of Securus Technologies. to use every day.



Never Been Better: Gregory Aziz’s Revival of NSC

Over the past two decades, Gregory Aziz has become a household name in the Canadian railroad industry. He recently purchased and helped one of the only remaining rolling stock companies get out from the clutches of bankruptcy, and he has completely turned the outcome of this company on its head. Thanks to his leadership and skills as a CEO, Gregory J Aziz has kept the backbone of North America alive and over 3,000 people in work.

All of his successes are due to Gregory J Aziz’s knowledge of business and ability to form new relationships with customers and suppliers. He first found out about his abilities in these areas while working at Affiliated Foods, a local food distribution company located in his home province of Ontario, Canada. There, he quickly rose through the ranks and started several new initiatives. At the time Affiliated had only been working with local customers and had been importing most of its food from North America. He grew this distribution network to South America and Europe, and within a few years, he was even selling to companies in the United States.

In 1994, Aziz purchased National Steel Car from the previous owner and started his revival of the railroad industry. National Steel Car had been around since 1912, and it had survived every major twist and turn the economy threw its way. However, with more and more customers turning to alternative logistics companies instead of railroads, orders for the rolling stock and railcars that NSC builds every day declined. Aziz had a plan to fix this.

The first order of business was to change the company’s focus from cheap cars to high-quality and perfectly engineered rolling stock. Customers didn’t just want a deal anymore, they wanted assurances that these cars would last forever and that they would always be able to pass regulatory inspections. Gregory J. Aziz hired over 2,000 more workers, many of them engineers, and increased capital funding for new projects and equipment. Click Here for additional information.


Now, National Steel Car has returned to prominence in an industry that is only just surviving around it. NSC increased its capacity by over 300 percent under the new CEO and Chairman, and it employs around 3,000 people. The company makes a healthy $200 million in revenues each year, and it is one of the only rolling stock manufacturers left. National Steel Car has contracts with all of the major railroads in North America, and it constantly receives the TTX SECO award for high-quality manufacturing in Ontario. Thanks to Gregory James Aziz, National Steel Car has never been better.

Ecommerce Recommendation Engine and Its Contribution to Increase in Sales

Retailers and wholesalers have a wealth of information available to them today. Therefore, even though previous marketing strategies may have worked well, it is important that each business organizations become familiar with the newest trends in the industry. Specifically, those strategies that are currently transforming the way sales strategies and techniques are being used online. The information that these business owners and their representatives ascertain can make a significant difference between low sales from a few loyal customers and a huge audience that cannot buy enough from the inventory that the business has available.

With this in mind, one of the latest proven strategies that have been used by top sellers in the industry is called Ecommerce Recommendation Engine. So, for those owners who want to know what they should do next to increase their conversion rates and their profits, here are a few things that you should know about Ecommerce Recommendation Engine and the addition of Artificial Intelligence into today’s marketing campaigns.

As of recent, one of the first things that a business owner should know is what is ecommerce recommendation engine and how does it apply to the use of artificial intelligence. For instance, when ecommerce recommendation engine is normally explained, most people may compare it to the way a physical salesperson shows a customer around the store as they shop. Aside from only pointing an individual to a specific product in a store they are interested in, the savvy sales person will find a way to keep the customer on the hook for other related options that they may need. Typically, this sales technique is used when the sales person in the store is looking sale other items that may match the purchase they are already making. This strategy usually works extremely well when women are buying a skirt for themselves and they need a matching top to complete the outfit. Either way, this type of sales strategy will not only increase the potential sales but the possibilities of returning to the store again for more purchases.

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By the same token, online sales can emulate the same processes. This is why ecommerce recommendation search engine and artificial intelligence is so popular today among online businesses that want to provide individual consumers with personal attention from the beginning to the end of their shopping ventures. Also, this combination is a proven strategy that will help consumers to return again and again to make many different purchases. As loyal customers, people will save both time and money.

Sahm Adrangi and the Power of His Banking Expertise

One of the many elevated and promising leaders in business you can read about today is Sahm Adrangi. Sure, you have many big leaders out there who are practical topics of feature articles, but how many of them can you trust? Are you sure those articles are not paid by hacks? Are you doing your research well? This is something that we will address in the topic about Sahm Adrangi. In this article, we will share with you an article about Sahm Adrangi that will cover the essentials and will not burden you with needless details. Shall I continue?

The Bloomberg Feature

One of the primary things you probably need first to know about Sahm Adrangi is the fact that he serves to be the current Founder and Chief Investment Officer of the renowned Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. With Mr. Adrangi’s keen detail on risk management that seems to be equipped with the probabilistic and ergodicity knowledge of Nassim Taleb, the growth of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC is at its optimum level. It is also because of Kerrisdale’s fascinating track record that allowed the company to reach the success that it has right now, and this will be nothing without the help of Mr. Sahm.

With Sahm’s help, there are now many people and employees who have jobs and restructured policies that benefit their lives and make their business even prosper. It might also be essential to say here that with Mr. Sahm’s help, there are now more banks who have restructured loan policies that will make it easy for business holders to grow their businesses.

With Mr. Adrangi’s expertise in leveraged finance policies in Deutsche Bank, it is now easy for people to get the finance and refinancing needs that they want and deserve. With Mr. Sahm’s help, it’s now easier for people to get the loans and savings plans they need without spending too much.


Tony Petrello From Public School To Charitable CEO

After Hurricane Harvey, the people of many Texas cities found how what many residents of cities would like to know. That is how much companies care about the communities they do business, especially after a disaster. This hurricane did widespread damage to homes not only from the initial storm but the flooding that occurred throughout the state. This resulted in a high demand for food, water, and other supplies. To answer this demand several Houston businesses began helping immediately afterward. This included the Houston Food Bank, H-E-B and Nabors Industries that were early to help hurricane and flood victims.

This is not unusual for Nabors Industries to help out the community since the local drilling company employees often participate in community projects and the company gets involved in fundraisers and special events. This is one area that CEO Anthony Petrello is steadfast in his belief is to give back to the community is essential for the company.

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The Nabors Industries employees took time off from work to help after the hurricane and went where ever they were needed. The company offered the employees taking time off work to help paid time off and they were sent to various locations along the coast. The company and employees started a disaster relief fund and Tony Petrello matched the contributions. In the end, the total of the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund totaled $173, 622 plus Mr. Petrello’s matching donation. This disaster did not only affect others about 10 percent of the Nabors Industries employees were directly affected by Hurricane Harvey. The company went further than just their fund the on-site kitchen for the company was used to cook large volumes of hot meals for local families three times a day.

This is not a unique effort by the company or the CEO since they donate to national organizations including Bike MS Foundation and Susan G. Komen Foundation. They also have their own Nabors Charitable Foundation that has donated more than $3 million dollars to employees and children in education scholarships.

Anthony Petrello is passionate about giving and education as the Nabors Industries CEO. He was raised in Newark and as a young man he studied hard to have a good future. He attended public school where he excelled Ph.D. level calculus and linear algebra. He was accepted into Yale University with a full scholarship. Mr. Petrello gained the confidence of well known mathematical theorist Serge Lang who had a young Anthony Petrello assist him with his work in number theory. After attending Yale Mr. Petrello left his math skills behind to attend and study human sciences at Harvard Law School.

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Securus Technologies Enhances Transparency and Their Products Credibility by Sharing Customer Reviews

With the intention of making public the advancement and steps undertaken to prevent crimes in the correctional facilities, Securus Technologies published a list of comments and reviews made by customers who have had the chance to use their technology. The comments were samples that came in the form of formal letters and email communications. Additionally, they come from several prisons and jails throughout the States. Most of the comments come from guards and officials responsible for the prevention and crime-solving in the institutions. It should, however, be noted that the letters have undergone redaction. It is done to guarantee the protection of the innocent.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, said that they develop a new product or service on a weekly basis. The products help officials in solving crimes and preventing more from happening. He prides himself on the fact that they work to ensure the society, including prisoners, their relatives and parolees remain safer. Further, the company has received an A+ accreditation from Better Business Bureau for meeting the standards.


Some of the comments received include:


An officer expresses gratitude for the assistance offered by the company. Securus provided phone call information towards a by then, ongoing investigation. The officer proceeded to obtain a search warrant that led to the arrest of the culprit for introducing contraband in the facility.


In another, the writer thanks Securus for their continued support and commitment to improving public safety.


Another one says of the impressiveness portrayed by secures in the development of emerging technology. The writer says the investigative tools combined with their investigative mindset helps in crime detection, solving, and prevention.


Reporting data has gone further to minimize the entry of contraband in the facilities.


One praises the LBS software. The software has enabled the department in the recovery of illegal assets, drugs, and money. Without the software, the writer says the recovery work would be much harder.


Bob Reina Helps Tampa Bay Humane Society with A Million Bucks

Bob Reina is more than just a CEO of Talk Fusion. He means so much more to those who depend on him year after year. For those people, they depend on the money that they receive from the donations provided by Bob Reina.


One of those groups is the Tampa Bay Humane Society. They depend on the donations they get each year to support the strays and unwanted animals in the area. Each year, there is an annual gala organized and many contributors are brought in to write checks and offer donations to the humane society.


Each year when Bob Reina attends, he writes a check for a good amount of money and this is to help those in the shelter that might not have made it otherwise. The donation he made this year was for $250,000. This was not the only donation that he made to the shelter. Later this year, he was approached to help with an idea that the Tampa Bay humane society had.


The thought they had shared was on the building of a vet center that would help pet owners in the area who otherwise are unable to provide vet services for their pets. For most pet owners, they do not know the different resources they could have through the humane society. They instead don’t use the services and eventually because of their lack of knowledge, more pets are brought into the society.


Most pet owners do not know that the humane society offers low cost or no cost spay and neuter. If more people knew about this service, there would be far less pets needing homes. You have to imagine the amount of pets there are waiting for homes already before there are more born. Also, there are a number of dogs or cats that will come into shelters pregnant that are forced to give birth in a cage and whose pups or kittens are forced to live in cages for their first several weeks or months of birth.


Bob Reina himself is a lovable pet owner. He believes that they need to have a chance of survival no matter the circumstance. That is why he opts to offer donation year after year to the humane society. Learn more:



Boraie Development role in the real estate sector in New Jersey

Omar Boraie is the president of Boraie Development LLC. Boraie Development offers services related to the urban real estate. It has a development track of over twenty years. The firm does management of property, sales, and marketing. Boraie Development works with strong financial institutions, contractors, and visionary architects to ensure completion of their projects.

According to the chief economist in real estate at the National Association of Realtors, the house shortages can lead to housing emergency due to the considerable gap between housing demands and supply. Given the scarcity of auction, sales homes, and the haste of selling newly built homes, the falling housing and housing permits still are puzzling. Economists insist that the drop could worsen in preceding months leading to falling in building permits.

Crunchbase research shows that the situation is due to the expectation of price increase which can improve the future household selling conditions. There are vacant homes and houses held off the market with homeowners expecting future gains.

There are towns with right housing demands and inventories despite the New Jersey fractured Real Estate market. Prices in the cities have steeply rose as they gear up to high development in the real estate. The change in the real estate can be as a result of low house prices and high-interest rates leading to more on shelve houses in the market. Creation of jobs increases the housing demands. In New Jersey, according to Sam Boraie the cost of housing for consumers are rising while the mortgage rates are remaining relatively low hence expanding the availability of mortgage credits and easing further increase in houses.

There are a lot of contracts and development progressing the New Jersey real estate market. According to, it is the most preferred construction in New Jersey because it uses private sources of capital for its funding such as commercial banks along with its capital sources. The Boraie team aims at providing exceptional services and provides excellent property to its customers. It employs visions, capitalism, and reliability to their projects.

It creates projects that pull residents, financial partners and tenants for a long-lasting relationship. They market their properties to fill the rift between housing demand and supply. Its principal features include retails, residential, student housing and hotel assets. The management of properties contains administrations, customer services, maintenance, leasing, accounting, and marketing. has traded over $ 150 million in residential and commercial transactions thus making it a trusted firm for its sale division.

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Richard Mishaan is Reshaping Interior Design Through His Company

Richard Mishaan Design deals with interior and exterior designs. Owned by the prominent entrepreneur, Richard Mishaan, this company will never disappoint clients. The main objective for the management is allowing you as the client to enjoy the benefits of relaxing in a beautiful home. What is more, the owner attended a prestigious education centre that imparted in him, special designing skills. Richard Mishaan Design is a high-profile service provider for all interior and exterior décor needs.


Just how does Richard Mishaan do it, most people have questioned. Richard Mishaan is always working at the client’s pace. Even better, there is an amazing aspect that he incorporates every time he is left with the main task of designing. Richard Mishaan has numerous platforms for designing his interior and exterior works. Creativity is part of it. He has always ensured that his clients are not disappointed eventually. Richard Mishaan joins the world class interior designer. He has been generating timeless in addition to artistic interiors for more than 20 years. From residential to hospitality and lastly, revamping commercial homes, Mishaan is sure that his clients depend on his creativity for beautiful premises.


Mishaan Design has progressively been chosen to represent innovative touches through branding. With the aim of providing state-of-the-art decors, Richard Mishaan Design focuses on producing innovative in addition to discerning styles for clients. It is all a broad spectrum of leading styles and projects. Richard Mishaan Design is a leading master in developmental initiatives. Under the leadership of its founder, Mr. Richard Mishaan, the company has struck amazing designs that fit the licensing categories.


Interior design is talent. To others, it is profession. What is factual in both cases is the idea of bringing life to space. Richard Mishaan has achieved this in many ways. From traditional to contemporary styles, his focus cannot be matched.