Boraie Development role in the real estate sector in New Jersey

Omar Boraie is the president of Boraie Development LLC. Boraie Development offers services related to the urban real estate. It has a development track of over twenty years. The firm does management of property, sales, and marketing. Boraie Development works with strong financial institutions, contractors, and visionary architects to ensure completion of their projects.

According to the chief economist in real estate at the National Association of Realtors, the house shortages can lead to housing emergency due to the considerable gap between housing demands and supply. Given the scarcity of auction, sales homes, and the haste of selling newly built homes, the falling housing and housing permits still are puzzling. Economists insist that the drop could worsen in preceding months leading to falling in building permits.

Crunchbase research shows that the situation is due to the expectation of price increase which can improve the future household selling conditions. There are vacant homes and houses held off the market with homeowners expecting future gains.

There are towns with right housing demands and inventories despite the New Jersey fractured Real Estate market. Prices in the cities have steeply rose as they gear up to high development in the real estate. The change in the real estate can be as a result of low house prices and high-interest rates leading to more on shelve houses in the market. Creation of jobs increases the housing demands. In New Jersey, according to Sam Boraie the cost of housing for consumers are rising while the mortgage rates are remaining relatively low hence expanding the availability of mortgage credits and easing further increase in houses.

There are a lot of contracts and development progressing the New Jersey real estate market. According to, it is the most preferred construction in New Jersey because it uses private sources of capital for its funding such as commercial banks along with its capital sources. The Boraie team aims at providing exceptional services and provides excellent property to its customers. It employs visions, capitalism, and reliability to their projects.

It creates projects that pull residents, financial partners and tenants for a long-lasting relationship. They market their properties to fill the rift between housing demand and supply. Its principal features include retails, residential, student housing and hotel assets. The management of properties contains administrations, customer services, maintenance, leasing, accounting, and marketing. has traded over $ 150 million in residential and commercial transactions thus making it a trusted firm for its sale division.

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Doe Deere Has Create A Unicorn Empire From Her Lime Crime Cosmetics Company

Doe Deere is the colorful self-proclaimed “queen of the unicorns” and is also the creator and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She is originally from Russia and came to the United States as a teenager. Even in Russia, she was an entreprenuer, enticing her friends to buy the then new rage, temporary tattoos. She had a passion for color and fashion even at an early age. Those qualities combined have helped her to create a company that is now a household name.

Once in the United States, she attended FIT fashion school and also joined a punk band, which allowed her to exercise fashion freedom. She wore what she wanted and combined her looks with brightly colored cosmetics. She had to make her own because she couldn’t find any that helped her express her style. She soon realized that there were many people that felt the same way. She saw that there was an opportunity to create a profitable company, so she jumped on the chance to create something unique and different.

She created her own Ebay store that she used to sell her cosmetics after she found a great deal of success as a fashion vlogger on Youtube. She decided rather quickly on a name for her Ebay store by rhyming a word with her favorite color. She ended up with Lime Crime and the name has stuck ever since. Her business took off and gained incredible momentum. She eventually took the business to a separate online platform. Over the years, the company has grown into a full-size cosmetics company that has millions of fans all over the world. They regularly release new and exciting cosmetics for their customers to enjoy. Doe herself has a hand in the marketing and creation of all of the new cosmetics. She is in the lab helping to create the products, as well as testing them on herself. Her company has a cruelty-free philosophy and their products are dermatologist tested.


Lime Crime has a wide variety of both eye and lip colors with many different individual lines of the products. Naturally, the colors range from mild to wild and all are of the highest quality. They are even about to release their new hair dye line called Unicorn Hair. Every product is highly anticipated before its release and once on the market, the customers scoop the products up as fast as they can. Doe Deere takes pride in the success of her company and also helps other young female entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and achieve their business goals through her mentorship.




The New Face of Entrepreneurship–Doe Deere

When women first entered the workforce, the image of the female entrepreneur was stern, starchy and anything but feminine. Portrayed as wearing dark suits, severe brown hair pulled back in a painful looking bun and striding around yelling at people summed up the stereotype. Now, new, young women are taking the online business world by storm, like Doe Deere, who has broken the mold of the old image. She’s smart, funny and beautiful, plus she knows how to use positive leadership to steer her indie cosmetic company, Lime Crime Cosmetics.


In a recent article posted on Ideamench,, Doe Deere was quoted as saying that the days of ruling with an “iron fist” are over. She knows that to be a great leader, you have to inspire your employees and value your customers. Doe Deere talks about a typical day at the office, meeting with executive or working with her chemists on new products. It’s important to note that Lime Crime products are formulated vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Doe Deere has sent new trends in the world of beauty. She defines beauty as what “feels right” at any given moment. Doe Deere dares women to throw out the old rulebook and embrace their individual style.


Doe Deere started her business with little money, but never gave up believing she could succeed. Arriving in New York from Russia as a teen, Doe Deere began experimenting with clothing design and makeup invention while also pursuing her musical aspirations. Although he is multi-talented and beautiful, her attitude with her fans is casual and friendly. She does not just flaunt her success, she encourages others to define their own style and chase their own dreams.


Now, Doe Deere is the beauty maven to watch, as she is always coming up with new ideas about beauty and fashion. She dares to wear pink, purple, or blue hair, as the whim moves her, and offers all the best products for any woman to join her fearless pack of “unicorns” by wearing all the latest bold colors from Lime Crime Cosmetics,


Innovation is a big part of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe Deere and company are always coming up with new, must-have products like the new “Diamond Crusher” lipstick shades makes shopping online at Lime Crime so much fun! Women love to model Lime Crime products on social media and rave about the products with their friends.