Children Monitoring made Easier with Classdojo Beyond School

Anytime a person comes across the word Dojo, what comes into the mind is martial arts. Well for Sam Chaudhary, that is different. He has surprised people with a Classdojo Beyond School app. The app is aimed at creating a greater bond between parents and their children.

Classdojo is most effective when children are off for holidays or at home from school. This is when they mostly use cell phones. Parents can monitor their children’s behavior, which will encourage children to improve their actions.

Classdojo does target not only the child-parent relationship but also targets the relationship between teachers and students. A teacher creates a group in the class dojo app where he/she monitors students without necessarily having to approach them.

This education technology has come with a bang, and most adults are enjoying it. The children, too, are enjoying it as they are developing personal responsibility without relying on direct monitoring from adults.

The app does not end in group creation. It has gone further to include a feature that makes parents and children practice yoga. Yoga is one of the exercises that helps a person to meditate. The feature has been added in the form of a video whereby the participants can imitate what is being done in the video.

Another feature in the beyond school app is that it engages the children alone. This feature helps the children to be creative while practicing to draw and paint. As a result, many children have been able to unleash their potential.

It has taken Classdojo a lot of patience and perseverance to get to where it is today. It started up without making any returns but today, Classdojo proud itself in not only profits but also partnerships with other companies.

Some of the investors who have sponsored the company are General Catalyst, GSV Acceleration, Reach Capital among others. The well-skilled and able team of Classdojo Beyond School have also contributed to the success of the company. They have ensured that the company stands on its feet through thick and thin.

The Classdojo app is currently aiming at producing a feature that will enable parents to transact school-related fees via their cell-phones. The app will reduce the hassle of carrying solid cash and or bank-checks.