People No Longer Keep Coming After Once Building

One of the old sayings that people used to go by with business is that when one builds, people will come. This is no longer true, especially with the internet. A lot of sites that are built tend to go under the radar because it does not show up on the front page of the search results. Also, people don’t know the site exists. Therefore, they are not going to visit. Therefore, it is important to do some kind of marketing and building of online reputation so that people will know about the business and visit it. Then once people gain customers, suggests it is important for them to take steps to keep the customers so that they will be able to get the business success that they need.

Whether people keep coming or not tends to depend on a few factors. One of the main factors is their own experience with the company. If a customer has a really bad experience with a company, then they are most likely not to come. Depending on the nature of the experience, they may write a review that may drive others away from the company which brings out the next largest factor in the online reputation of any company, the reviews.

When a company gets bad reviews, people are going to be able to decide beforehand whether or not a company is worth shopping for. This is one of the reasons that it is important for one to make sure that he is treating every customer equally. For one thing, people expect to be treated equally. Therefore, if they see a review of a company that is treating customers badly, then they are going to be expected to be treated badly with this company and therefore, avoid the company to avoid this experience.


CEO Darius Fisher Leads Expansion to Culver City, California

The crew at Status Labs knows firsthand that the power of digital PR management can be a game changer for a company in need of a boost. Status Labs is a PR management company out of Texas that is led by CEO Darius Fisher. Before Fisher took over as lead CEO for Status Labs the company had been in need of a reformation due largely in part to problems created by a former employee. Fisher guided the company toward reinventing their name and now Status Labs is one of the biggest reputation companies in the United States. With success palpable the decision to expand to Culver City, California makes a ton of sense.


Status Labs aims to be located in Culver City by tail end of October of 2016. The reason for this office expansion is pretty simple as CEO Fisher states, “The demand for our digital reputation solutions continues to grow in L.A.” Fisher went on to say, “No other firm has the digital reputation management capabilities, client experience, and connections that Status Labs does.” The decision to open up an office in California is particularly obvious when one looks at the entertainment industry as a whole. There will always be work needed for people who live their life in the public eye.


When Status Labs opens up their expansion they will be slotting in Spencer Blye as the Business Development Director. Blye has a long track record of success with internet based work as he had previously worked as a Strategest at a global communications firm, Weber Shandwick. CEO Darius Fisher was ecstatic to have Blye on board and Blye, for his part, returned that same excitement.


Status Labs has earmarked some pretty serious victories over the past year or so. Most recently the reputation company landed on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing List where many of the top up and coming businesses will end up landing.