IAP Worldwide: what they do

IAP Worldwide has an aim of making the impossible possible. Their goal is to solve the demanding challenges of their private and public clients. They specialize in providing advanced technical, facility management and professional services. IAP Worldwide also specializes in offering global statistics to government agencies and organizations. According to the site of iapws.com, the company has branches in over twenty countries around the world and an employee base of around two thousand people.

The company’s history
The company has offered services to clients for over 60 years. During this time, they have managed to build an unrivaled reputation – they are responsive and more reliable to customer needs. In addition to meeting clients’ needs, the company is also widely known for exceeding them.

As a way of giving back to clients and the community, they are active in performing their duties in social responsibility. They give back to the community by caring for the environment, helping volunteers in the areas that face catastrophes and by participating in fundraising. To the clients, who are mostly military, this company offers employment to the veterans.

The worldwide company also believes in teamwork. They are always looking for businesses or companies that they can partner with to assist in delivering their services. IAP Worldwide believes that partners can bring more needed expertise and help in accessing markets and industries which would otherwise remain inaccessible to clients.

The board of directors embodies the company’s mission and values. This has highly influenced IAP Worldwide success. Moreover, the board has always been active to ensure that the company’s clients are satisfied. The highly skilled workforce has also contributed to the company’s success. All the men and women in this company work in cooperation to achieve their mission. And to ensure the success of the employees, the company has equipped them with the resources and skills they require to do their work.

What the company does
IAP Worldwide has been working to build the future since the beginning. The company built and operated the first American space launch complex base – in Cape Canaveral, FL. The company has supported testing for over 2500 launches including the earlier shuttle programs and air-breathing missiles. The company also offers full facility maintenance support which includes airport master planning, engineering services, and construction management.

The company is also a known leader in operations, maintenance, and management of commercial facilities and military bases. They also develop newer ways of increasing energy efficiency in addition to automating facility’s environmental control, fire and security systems, lighting and offering temporary personnel services and technical support for their growing customer base.