Securus Technologies Continues with Successful Acquisitions

Securus Technologies is taking its reputation further with another successful expansion and acquisition made by the corporation. The provider of solutions for the civil and criminal justice sector has been on a roll with purchases which are a part of its long-term plan of expansion.



The latest two businesses that Securus Technologies acquired are JPay Inc and GovNetPay. Both of those companies are leaders in their line of work. JPay Inc is a money management service that allows people to make money transfers to people. The option to send money to inmates when the United States of America was added after the company of Securus Technologies purchased JPay Inc.



GovNetPay was already working in the business of correctional services as the platform processes billions of transfers in the penitentiary sector such as fees for speeding and parking violations, court taxes and fees, cash bail, and many other types of payments. GovNetPay is used by more than 2 300 agencies and facilities across the United States of America in 24 states. The processor uses both credit and debit cards and is popular and widely preferred compared to other similar services because of its high capacity and reliability,



Those were the aspects of the business that attracted Securus Technologies to acquire GovNetPay. The company believes that GovNetPay will enhance their payment transfer services with GovNetPay on their side. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, the company will have no problem managing at least 40 million transfers every year. Chief Executive Officer Robert E. Pickens added that he believes JPay and GovNetPay will make an extremely powerful team and putting them together on the job would be the perfect combination of powerful and reliable inmate money transfer system for the clients of Securus Technologies. to use every day.



Securus Technologies Enhances Transparency and Their Products Credibility by Sharing Customer Reviews

With the intention of making public the advancement and steps undertaken to prevent crimes in the correctional facilities, Securus Technologies published a list of comments and reviews made by customers who have had the chance to use their technology. The comments were samples that came in the form of formal letters and email communications. Additionally, they come from several prisons and jails throughout the States. Most of the comments come from guards and officials responsible for the prevention and crime-solving in the institutions. It should, however, be noted that the letters have undergone redaction. It is done to guarantee the protection of the innocent.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, said that they develop a new product or service on a weekly basis. The products help officials in solving crimes and preventing more from happening. He prides himself on the fact that they work to ensure the society, including prisoners, their relatives and parolees remain safer. Further, the company has received an A+ accreditation from Better Business Bureau for meeting the standards.


Some of the comments received include:


An officer expresses gratitude for the assistance offered by the company. Securus provided phone call information towards a by then, ongoing investigation. The officer proceeded to obtain a search warrant that led to the arrest of the culprit for introducing contraband in the facility.


In another, the writer thanks Securus for their continued support and commitment to improving public safety.


Another one says of the impressiveness portrayed by secures in the development of emerging technology. The writer says the investigative tools combined with their investigative mindset helps in crime detection, solving, and prevention.


Reporting data has gone further to minimize the entry of contraband in the facilities.


One praises the LBS software. The software has enabled the department in the recovery of illegal assets, drugs, and money. Without the software, the writer says the recovery work would be much harder.


Protecting Prison Staff by Way of Securus Technologies

The only part of my job as a prison corrections officer I do not like is the violence between inmates and officers. I try to befriend as many inmates as I can because I know we are all working and living in very close quarters, and professional courtesy can go a very long way. That being said, no matter how hard we try to maintain the peace, there are certain violent inmates who want to hold my team accountable for their being arrested, and they will attack when the chance arises.


To try and limit these incidents and injuries, we have to take certain precautions every day, never letting our guard down at any point in our busy day. The first order of business every day is doing cell inspections while inmates are eating at the mess hall. We bring in drug-sniffing canines if needed, and eliminate any drugs or weapons that we discover. The inmates do not appreciate the invasion, but in the end it is necessary for keeping peace.


We used to manually listen to inmate calls, but when Securus Technologies introduced their new call monitoring software, we took the chance to upgrade our system and start taking proactive measures to curb violence. Securus Technologies is currently based in Texas, and with 1,000 employees, the company says they intend to have 3,000 of these call monitoring systems in jails around the country in the near future.


The new monitoring system works while officers are spread out in the jail taking care of other issues, rather than sitting listening to calls. If the LBS software picks up chatter concerning drugs, violence, gangs, weapons, or anything related to contraband, we get an immediate notification and take action. In one month, we saw an incredible reduction in violent outbreaks in our prison.


Securus Technologies may soon rent tablets at Pennsylvania County Jail

Securus Technologies helps people confined to correctional facilities maintain their connections to the outside world. The inmate telecommunications company plans to expand its offerings in one Pennsylvania county jail. The Crawford County Jail may let inmates rent tablets, according to The Daily Item.


Inmates at the Crawford County Jail may soon be able to rent Android tablets for $20 per month. The families of the DOC prisoners can rent a tablet for a loved one by putting money into the individual’s commissary account. Prisoners enrolled in the GED or other educational programs can access the tablets for free. The inmate telecommunications firm does not plan to provide more than 15 tablets for free at the time of writing.


The county must approve the deal before anyone in the facility will be able to access the tablets. Officials hope it will reduce the stress of involuntary confinement. No one who rents or who is given access to the tablets will be able to use the Internet. Crawford County prisoners will be able to access an intranet within the jail instead. Preventing access to the Internet allows corrections officers to prevent prisoners from obtaining information from unapproved sources.


Securus Technologies provides inmate communications services to inmates throughout the country. It also provides recording solutions that reduce crime and help law enforcement officials investigate criminal activity.