Billy McFarland and his Discount Program

According to Forbes, Billy McFarland, a twenty three year old mastermind, is responsible for creating possibly the greatest tool the business world has seen in decades. Billy McFarland‘s contribution is an interesting experiment in social and thrift fusion, offering consumers a chance to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on recreational activities and location prices.

The way that this discount program works is simple; members sign up for the program and are then immediately able to take advantage of heavily discounted prices on a number of entertainment destinations such as amusement parks, concerts and other interesting areas and events.

The name of the program is called Magnises, and while it seems from the description above that it is primarily aimed at younger people looking to have a good time it could also mean a game changing implementation for United States business fronts.

The business world is a strange place. Every penny needs to be counted and taken into account when making financial decisions, and one wrong move could mean ruin for the corporation in question. Business meetings are one expense that can get out of hand if left unchecked.

These meetings do not guarantee any form of success, usually cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in some cases to present properly, and are an essential aspect of any company looking to expand or to bring in new business partners and clients.

Through the Magnises program the same hundred dollars that was spent on ma single business meeting can now be divided among multiple business meetings or sent to other business related costs.

Magnises operates through membership into the program, which will allow a member to have access to a special metal card. This card is then attached to the member’s bank account and can be used as a legal form of payment at designated discount locations.

Once a payment is charged to the card the discounted amount is removed from the total.