Oncotarget Has Grown To Become a One-Stop Spot for All Medical Related Information and Solutions

Science has progressed over the years, and medical discoveries have continued to be made all over the world. It, therefore, becomes necessary to make this information readily available to the people. Oncotarget has relentlessly published free weekly medical journals online and in print after special requests. Their mission is to make available these medical discoveries to as many people as possible who require these results to fight diseases and ultimately achieve a life free of diseases.

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Oncotarget’s journals are insightful, timely, and are always reviewed by fellow researchers to ensure that only correct and useful information reach out to the people. This has made Oncotarget grow in popularity as well as mark an increase in the impact of their research. The firm has also grown from their initial mission of only researching on oncology to adopt other areas of research. Under the leadership of very experienced scientists, the researchers have outdone themselves to the point of winning awards, such as the Breakthrough Prize.

Effects of E-cigarettes

Oncotarget recently published an article on the effects of electronic cigarettes. A study led by Irfan Rahman and funded by the National Institute of Health showed that these cigarettes have adverse effects on gums and teeth similar to those manifested by conventional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have been on the rise among the youths since they are perceived to be healthier. Scientists also had the notion that chemicals found in smoke contained in conventional cigarettes were the cause of these effects until this study showed otherwise. E-cigarettes come with a battery, a heating device, and a liquid holding cartridge, which has nicotine, flavorings, and chemicals. Inflammatory proteins are released when e-cigarette vapors are burned. They, in turn, cause damage that can lead to oral infections. The damage is directly related to some e-cigarettes consumed.

More about Oncotarget

Oncotarget has been in existence since 2010. Under the able hands of their chief editors Mikhail Blagosklonny, who is an oncologist and a cancer researcher, and Andrei V. Gudkov, Oncotarget has expanded its publishing to other disciplines such as pathology, autophagy, and neurology among others. The Gordon Research Conference sponsors the journals, which are then published by Impact Journals. Read more about Oncotarget at Google Scholar.