American Institute Of Architects Educates The Public About FOBA

When one thinks about architecture, they usually think of grand, historical buildings that garner a lot of visitors and tourism for their respective communities. However, the American Institute of Architects realizes that not everything an architect comes up with is massive in scale. The smaller items are usually called Functional Objects by Architects (FOBA) and the American Institute of Architects had them proudly on display on the third floor in the Chicago Market section of the Chicago Design Museum from September 7th to September 28th of this year.

Many well-known architects were showcased, including notable names such as Bita Zenouz, Adrian Smith, Cheryl Noel, Chris Emens, Craig Cernek, Emily Handley, and Julia Mosqueda among many others. Of course, all of this begs just one question: just what is a FOBA (Functional Object by Architect) anyway?

Basically, a FOBA is a project that is smaller in scale, tactile, and functions in utility. A FOBA project features items that you can move around, decorate, and change much easier that a large-scale project such as the face of a building. The main thing about a FOBA is that it must be aesthetically pleasing. A FOBA can consist of a group of literally anything. It could be furniture, knick knacks, or even wall hangings.

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This, in a nutshell, has always been the mission of the American Institute of Architects. They are dedicated to showing the layman that architecture is not just relegated to the external facade of a building. Architecture is also concerned with the inside of a structure as well, and there are many architects who have had lengthy careers simply by designing the interior of a space.

The American Institute of Architects is located in Chicago and is the largest professional chapter of architects in the United States. The organization focuses on providing advocacy for all of their member architects and are fully vested in educating the public on how architects can bring change to the community simply through the power of their designs.

Those who become AIA members instantly expand their support to include over 80,000 colleagues across the nation. They are able to utilize these contacts for support and to help them find appropriate project that showcase their unique skills. The AIA works tirelessly showcasing projects such as the FOBA showcase in order to bring the creative work of their architects to the forefront. By doing so, they demonstrate that architects are dedicated professionals that make the world that much better.

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