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CTRMA’s Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein Discusses the Future of Transportation Infrastructure in the Austin Area



When Mike Heiligenstein was elected to serve as Executive Director for Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA), the agency had no access to revenue and no construction of roadways. While under his powerful leadership, today, CTRMA has a program expected to generate $4 billion in assets and increase revenue to $136.5 million by 2020. Since 2003, he leads the agency and participates in panel discussions to improve transportation infrastructure as population increases. The latest discussion panel he served on is the Austin Business Journal’s 19th Annual Williamson County Growth Summit, an event held in December of this year at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center.



Mike Heiligenstein had the opportunity to discuss his greatest concerns, including growing population in suburban communities in the regional area. Over the past 15 years, he said the county did amazing with the infrastructure structuring, but, it’s time to focus on making the remaining corridors smarter, efficient, and tech-advanced.



Mr. Heiligenstein predicts in the near future that the lanes of traffic will inevitably need to increase to 12 on Austin’s highways, 183 and 290. Roads should be the primary focus because the growth rate in the city will void improvements when mass transit increases, explained Mike. Other panelists participating in the discussions were Jared Ficklin and Leandre Johns. Ficklin spoke at the Summit and addressed questions pertaining to policymaking and said policymakers need to prepare for the future needs of transportation, and that building and land usage codes should be flexible.



In 2003, the Board at CTRMA named Mike Heiligenstein as Executive Director to design a modernized transportation network for Central Texas. Prior, he served in Williamson County for 23 years as an elected official and oversaw expansion initiatives for transportation infrastructure, wastewater, and water. The University of Texas graduate is a member of the Texas Department of Transportation’s TX Technology Task Force and Advisory Board of Texas A&M Transportation Institution. Mr. Heiligenstein has previously served on MPO regional, Austin & San Antonio Corridor Council, and as Clean Air Force of Texas Chairman.

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