The Wisdom of Investing in Gold

A lot of economists of today disdain the value of precious metals. They have become accustomed to using pieces of paper as a measurement of value. The advantage being that they and their fellow policymakers can manipulate the public consumption pattern with a printing press. However, we have seen in history a tragic tendency for fiat paper money to go haywire. In Weimar Germany after World War I, the printing presses of the German Treasury were running like a steamroller. This led to horrible hyperinflation, where it took a basket of bills just to get a piece of bread. Although this is not happening today, we should be cautious about denominating all of our assets in paper. Paper does not have intrinsic value except as a fire starter or toilet accessory. Precious metals do have an intrinsic value. Gold has been used for thousands of years for jewelry, coinage, electronic devices, and as a compact store of wealth. Gold from ancient China is still just as valuable today as it was then.


US Money Reserve is glad to help people by giving them a professional collection of quality gold coins. We know that the people running the presses at the Federal Reserve do not know what they are doing. Or, maybe they do, in a negative way. US Money Reserve is devoted to protecting your portfolio with the timeless value of gold. Your descendants will thank you that you did not only save your wealth in a meaningless digital number in an official bank. A stack of gold will mean far more to them. Many people feel scared of keeping gold, because they are worried about the security of their investment. What if someone steals it? You can protect your gold portfolio by buying a quality safe and then hiding it behind a secret panel in your home. Hidden in plain sight is a good motto for those who want their wealth close by. If you give your gold over to a national depository, it is not really yours in a crisis. “A bird with you is worth two flying away,” as the old saying goes.


If you need help understanding how to invest in gold, what to invest in, or have other questions, contact US Money Reserve today.