A Word About Those Wikipedia Volunteers

Wikipedia reads almost perfectly. Not all entries are equally interesting, but the level of professionalism is consistent among all the content. Wikipedia has incredibly high standards for content and has numerous rules in place for when people create a Wikipedia page that are designed to support a high level of editorial integrity. The site would not grow to the point is has today without such excellence on the part of its editorial staff.

Amazingly, as the Stanford Graduate School of business points out, all the Wikipedia editors who work for the company are volunteers. Even more amazing is the fact there are 80,000 of those volunteer editors.

What drives these volunteers? A study was performed that revealed a “process of production” occurs when edits are made. In short, when one editor makes a contribution, another editors is soon to follow. All of these Wikipedia updates lead to a tremendous amount of overall quality.

As the saying goes, enthusiasm can be outright contagious. One editor who opts to make a Wiki page good leads others to want to improve on that page as well. Granted, some of the new Wiki edits may have been done due to poor quality previous editing. No editorial staff is perfect. A staff of 80,000 volunteers is sure to contain some who make mistakes. And then there is an ominous point that must be made. A slim percentage of volunteers sign up to cause havoc. Pranksters, spammers, and scammers have caused harm on Wikipedia in the past. A few of the more famous tales were reported in the news.

Wikipedia remains a solid resource for promotions. Businesses or people simply looking to raise their online profile could benefit from a solid Wikipedia page.

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