Doe Deere Loves Color

Makeup and beauty lovers from all over the world have heard the name Lime Crime Cosmetics and Doe Deere. The beautiful, successful entrepreneur is well known for her brand’s colorful collection and style. From an early age, she was destined to make an impact within the beauty industry and inspire millions.


Born and raised in Russia, Doe displayed a flair for fashion and color and invited her friends in the fun. The young girls would throw fabulous slumber parties and dress up as witches. Their makeup was meticulously applied by Doe who had a great eye for detail. With this charismatic, entrepreneurial spirit, Doe would soon leave her home and travel to New York City. The Big Apple gave her the opportunity to spread her wings in regards to fashion and makeup. If she wasn’t already cool, Doe started her own music band and had much chemistry with the members. This was where she fell in love with her fellow bandmate and future husband.


Doe made her start as a business owner when she opened up an online store on eBay. She became known for wearing clothes that she made herself in many different shades and patterns. This platform was the start of her fan base as her quirky style inspired many. While running her online store, Doe realized that color was missing from the beauty world. She wanted to explore makeup in colors that matched her amazing outfits. This desire became the motivation she needed to start her own beauty line.


Lime Crime Cosmetics was launched in 2008 to the delights of many. The brand was named after Doe’s favorite color and the unusual name is perfectly designed to draw attention. The beauty brand came out with eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polishes in all of the bright shades Doe loves. What makes her so inspiring is her commitment to provide products that are 100 percent cruelty free. She also has giveaways for fans who can’t get enough of Lime Crime. Fans are also encouraged to participate in her frequent online contests. “Must-Be-Pink!” was launched to celebrate one of her favorite colors with fans who love gifts from the founder of the brand. With over 3 million followers on Instagram, it’s no wonder everyone is talking about Doe Deere.


Doe Deere enjoys working for home and interacting with fans and employees through social media and email. She starts her day at 8:30 sharp and applies her makeup while singing along to her favorite Beatles songs. Her hair, which could be in shades of purple, green or pink, is always freshly curled and styled each day. She enjoys a breakfast of yogurt, fresh fruit and fresh juice. Learn more:


Doe advises entrepreneurs to always go after what they want and to actually listen to the criticism of others. She believes that there is always an opportunity to improve your business by taking a good look at haters online have to say as it will make you stronger.

Doe Deere Offers Tips About Starting A Business

Doe Deere began Lime Crime on an auction site, and she has grown the business into a large cosmetics retailer that operates only online. This article explains how she has built the company, her insights on running a business and what she believes as it relates to her brand image. There are several different ways the business reaches women, and a woman who is looking for something different will appreciates Doe’s company.


#1: She Is On-Message At All Times


A woman who is shopping with Lime Crime will see Doe’s face in all their advertisements. She is a beautiful woman who wears her own makeup every day, and she colors her hair with the dyes the company creates. There are several women who take inspiration from what Doe does, and she stays on-message by ensuring she is wearing the brand in each ad.


#2: She Creates Vegan Products For All Women


There are many women who will find the vegan products on the Lime Crime site helpful because they are free of animal products. The first step was the vegan velvetines, and the company will expand to other certified vegan products in the future. They have a dedication to women who lead alternative lifestyles, and they will continue to offer products that help women live the lives they want.


#3: Doe Believes In Creative Planning


Doe has helped many women manage their beauty, and it is done with help from her creative team. She spends most of her day in creative meetings, and she shares ideas that will push the brand forward. She believes it is important for the public to know her company is looking for new ideas, and she believes every woman who uses her products will see the new ideas offering a better beauty experience.


#4: The Business Is Active Online


Doe uses an online business model that helps the company save money, and the company does not push into standard retail markets for fear their customers cannot reach them. Doe has created a beautiful home online that anyone will appreciate, and she believes it will increase sales as women have no trouble shopping.


Doe Deere is a fine example of a business woman who knows what she wants.