Gulf Coast Western Expansions

Gulf Coast Western, LLC is the joint endeavor of thousands of Gas and Oil Partnerships. The family-owned business was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1970. It has other locations in Oklahoma, Colorado, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Matthew Fleeger is a high ranking figure in the gas and oil industry. He spent seven years hopping job from job trying to gain experience in his field. As he rapidly moved up the ranks of many Texas-based companies, he decided to work for his family’s business, Gulf Coast Western where he was president and CEO.

In southwest Louisiana Gulf Coast Western gained hundreds of square miles of possibility and the 3D seismic data to go with it. Along with that, they gained 13 wells and 140 defined drilling locations. Near multiple other Louisiana towns, they had further prospects of an area of almost 1,000 square acres. The wells that were obtained from Zachry Exploration, Union Gas, LLOX, Endeavor NG, and Neumin Productions were expected to yield over 800 oil barrels a day.

Another partnership that expanded its footprint is in southeast Louisiana where Gulf Coast Western has obtained 50% working interest and assets from Northcote Energy and has raised the expanded operations in Beauregard Parish to over 4 million barrels of oil. They have also obtained 50% working interest in salt water disposal assets or SWDs and the Lutcher Moore #20 well that had yielded over 100 barrels of oil a day.

Gulf Coast Western has always focused on lease acquisition of areas in the Gulf Coast and has the possibility to develop thousands of acres of oil and gas-rich land. They have been researching other possible locations in the United States also. Of the thousands of partners that are accredited to partnering with Gul Coat Western 70% of them have collaborated with the company on other ventures.