How Arthur Becker Rose to the Top as an Entrepreneur

Arthur Becker has become a stalwart presence in New York City thanks to his work as a Managing Partner at Madison Partners, LLC. Madison Partners is quickly becoming one of our favorite investment firms to watch out for. Madison Partners is focused on two primary industries: real estate as well as bio technology. Arthur Becker’s name may be familiar to you even if his company is not. Becker is a high profile entrepreneur who is the CEO of ZINIO and he was also the subject of TMZ headlines thanks to his high profile relationship with fashion guru Vera Wang. Putting all of that aside, Becker always has something informative and interesting to say to future entrepreneurs. More details can be found On Crunchbase.

In a sit down interview, Arthur Becker was more than willing to share a few of the little secrets that help keep him going and have made him such a success as a businessman. Becker has succeeded in just about every industry that he has come across so it makes sense that people would want to know how he made it happen. Well, we can break down his success by industry in order to apply the advice that he has to give. Looking at ZINIO, a high profile tech company he joined in 2003, we can see that he has been nothing short of a steady hand at the wheel. Success came early for Becker and ZINIO and that helped give him the courage he needed in order to branch out. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.

In terms of branching out, Becker says that Madison Partners LLC was the first company that he put a private investment in. Madison Partners LLC, which focuses on buying and selling ‘unique’ properties after renovating them, has become something of a powerhouse name within NYC. Becker says that having worked with Vera Wang Fashion, he is more able to go out and really focus on renovation and interior design. This has given him some great insight while working. The common thread for all of Becker’s work is that he is focused on being prepared. When you are prepared, Becker says, you are never struggling with self-doubt.

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