Securus Technologies Continues with Successful Acquisitions

Securus Technologies is taking its reputation further with another successful expansion and acquisition made by the corporation. The provider of solutions for the civil and criminal justice sector has been on a roll with purchases which are a part of its long-term plan of expansion.



The latest two businesses that Securus Technologies acquired are JPay Inc and GovNetPay. Both of those companies are leaders in their line of work. JPay Inc is a money management service that allows people to make money transfers to people. The option to send money to inmates when the United States of America was added after the company of Securus Technologies purchased JPay Inc.



GovNetPay was already working in the business of correctional services as the platform processes billions of transfers in the penitentiary sector such as fees for speeding and parking violations, court taxes and fees, cash bail, and many other types of payments. GovNetPay is used by more than 2 300 agencies and facilities across the United States of America in 24 states. The processor uses both credit and debit cards and is popular and widely preferred compared to other similar services because of its high capacity and reliability,



Those were the aspects of the business that attracted Securus Technologies to acquire GovNetPay. The company believes that GovNetPay will enhance their payment transfer services with GovNetPay on their side. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, the company will have no problem managing at least 40 million transfers every year. Chief Executive Officer Robert E. Pickens added that he believes JPay and GovNetPay will make an extremely powerful team and putting them together on the job would be the perfect combination of powerful and reliable inmate money transfer system for the clients of Securus Technologies. to use every day.