Top highlights on Success Academy

Success Academy was dreamed up by Eva Moskowitz, the CEO, and founder, with an aim to open schools with great performances and at the same time aiming to broadly upgrade the educational system of America. Since its inception in the year 2006, Success Academy has turned to be the biggest and best performing public network of charter schools in the city of New York. The academy has ensured that enrolment is free to their facility to all the children in New York, English students and more impressively the ones with special needs. Success Academy boasts a cumulative 14,000 students in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens.



Just like any other school, Success Academy has Elementary, Middle School, and High School programs. The free portal, also known as the Success Academy Education Institute, was launched on Wednesday to provide access to their teacher development strategies and curriculum which are implemented across all the 41 Success Academy sites within the city. Eva Moskowitz notes that there are too many children that are in the country that does not learn to do Science, Mathematics, write and read even at the most basic of levels and thus feels the need to bridge this gap and resolve the issue. So far, Success Academy won the 250,000 dollars Broad Prize after their efforts to bridge the gap, and better the low-income students’ academic results were recognized and honoured.



Liesel Anthony, MD of Education Institute says that this coming fall, the Charter Network intends to unveil a training facility in Hudson Yards intended to train the teachers. It is expected to also have a lab school for the Kindergarten up to the eighth-grade students. Emails were sent out to about 15,000 educationalists all over the country, advertising the platform. All the ones that sign on will be invited to workshops, in-person training sessions and conferences at the Hudson Yards Facility. After all this, they shall be given a demonstration of how their approach turns out, in the classroom right next door.



Success Academy students from elementary and middle schools were part of the top 10 percent of schools in the state in English, science, and also math exams in the previous year. The academy focuses on improving the literacy levels of their students. Thus, their new website has how-to clips, recommendations for books and even templates for planning. All this has been released along with the THINK Literacy curriculum.